Monday, June 30, 2008

Recent Happenings

I got an e-mail from Bust , it was a call for a design contest for 'Dr. Martens' boots. I checked out the site and it looked so much fun, so I went ahead and played with their tools to create one! I used the basic tools they have on the site, but you can also print the design template and paint, collage etc. on it. If you have photoshop or other computer programs alike, they also allow you to work with them. I know there are a lot of artist on Etsy who'd create a hell of a design for this contest, so just wanted to let you guys know about it... Enjoy..! ;)

Other than fooling around on the net, I'm onto something very exciting! Last weekend, I ran into an antique shop in downtown Fullerton. I found some vintage materials that I fell in love right away! There was a box full of them, first I decided to buy about 10, then all different ideas about what to make with them rushed through my brain and decided to buy the whole box! The owner lady was very nice to give me a bulk deal, so it was the cherry on the top! I'm not gonna tell you now, what they are, because I'm not ready to burst the bubble yet... I'm still on the designing, and gathering the other materials/tools process, but they'll be up in my shop and here very soon...

P.S. The photos above; don't you love the look of floral silhouettes when light hit them from the back? They look like ink drawings...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

My addiction of a secret pleasure.....Hmmmm....

Everyday at least once (sometimes twice), either on the coffee table in living room, or in the balcony, but rarely in bed... Nope, it is not what you think (you naughty thing!)...No matter where I do it 'drinking Turkish coffee'(!) will give me all the pleasure I need to start my day calm, relaxed and excited!

Today, i did it in my balcony, by doodling some birds on a piece of tree piece that was peeled off naturally (I don't know what kind of a tree it is!). Birds and trees are my most beloved images in the world! I can't get enough of them... I think it is kinda same for a lot of other Etsians too... ;) That tray you see in the background is a vintage piece that I purchased at a yard sale for a buck! I love the colors and the images on it...

Friday, June 27, 2008


I've been wanting to start a blog for a while now, and here I am. Welcome to me and welcome to you! ;)

What you will find in my little corner here is simply some mirroring from my life; ongoing projects as a jewelry artist (or on my other medium art works), my inspiration elements, daily dreams or quotes, books that I like, a trip to somewhere etc.

Shortly about me; I'm a 27 year old Turkish girl, originally from the beautiful city of Istanbul/Turkey (Yes, the old Constantinople, as in the song!), who currently lives in CA, has studied fashion in high school, set and costume design in College, and 2 years of interior design school (not finished, man those general ed classes!). I always have a huge passion of learning different kind of artistic mediums/techniques, so I kind of have issues with focusing on just one thing! Jewelry designing takes most of my time though...

English is my second language, so I must warn you; you may see some errors on my writing here! This reminds me a little funny thing I experienced in the past; when I was listing some of my jewelry designs on the net, I was referring to some of them as 'This necklace would look great if worn with a night gown!' . I did that a lot until I got a comment from a very nice lady who viewed my listing and told me that I must have meant 'evening gown' not 'night gown' (like we wear to go to bed)! Haha! I was of course embarrassed but very appreciative. :)

I think this is enough for an entrance, you will get to know me better by time as my posts build up! I hope you enjoy reading about me, my life and interests. I always love comments, and interacting with different personalities, so you are always welcome to pop in and drop a 'hello' to me! :)

P.S. The photos are from my city Istanbul, taken on my last trip (April/May 2008).
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