Thursday, February 11, 2010

She said YES wearing my wallpaper necklace!

It was August 2008, a sale from my etsy shop seemed pretty random to find out later that it was going to be one of my best stories to brag on my jewelry designing. Having etsy convos with the buyer lady I found out she was buying the necklace to wear at her wedding. I was thrilled of course, not just because one of my designs was going to be a part of someones very special day,but also the fact that the necklace was made out of re-cycled wallpaper! The wallpaper came from an old wallpaper samples catalog that was about to trashed by the interior design department of a college.

Since then I have been telling this nice little story to everyone with an excitement and proud, and yes bragging too! Then a few days ago (after about 1.5 years) I got a message from the very bride asking me if I was interested in seeing the wedding photos and her wearing the necklace with her gown! What can I say? I had to say 'of course!' (meaning 'hell YEAH!! and you are asking?) :P

Today, she sent me the photos and I almost fell out of my chair! After getting the permission from her, I couldn't wait to share the photos and the story here!

THANK YOU Stacey, this was one of the best gifts I've ever received! I wish you all the beautiful things from life..



Unknown said...

This made me cry! I am the mother of the bride. She was so excited when she found that necklace! It was perfect! Thank you for sharing this story!

Melissa said...

It's all just so perfect! I hope you know what a big fan I am of your work...your ART! You're amazing : )

elsie said...

What a gorgeous bride and what exquisite taste she has to pick your necklace as her bridal jewelry - I think you have more brides to thrill in your future sweet friend!

icwhatsgoingonhere said...

Your work is amazing! I just voted for your Wings Of Iris necklace, it's stunning! I'm off to check out your shop :)

Lucky Find Designs said...

Voted. Best of luck!


what a great story! and a beautiful necklace

Kelley said...

The necklace looks really fantastic with her dress. How thrilling it must have been for you to see her photos!

Liesl said...

Beautiful, I love it!!!

Liesl :)

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