Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Spoiled Week!

Wow, last week was a total ego boosting and spoiling week for me! I got great WONDERFUL compliments from admirable designers on Etsy about my jewelry designs, and like that didn't make me high enough, 3 of my designs were featured on the front page! I could catch two of the screen shots (one is above, somehow the other will not upload here) . These are my other 2 items who made the front page here and here. Thank you everyone for taking the time to contact me with your nice words, they gave me teary eyes! Also thank you Etsians who picked my items for their treasury! :)

OK, remember I wrote about an Etsian who stood me up? Yeah, I've met her last Monday, she is one great woman and too much fun to be with! She was also too nice to give me a beautiful yellow orchid in a pot, which is the first real flower in my new apartment! I'm normally not very good at taking care of alive plants, the problem is I can't keep them alive for long, but hey I'll be nice to the orchid this time! :P Anyway, I think I just got a new girl friend to myself, and that's the best part. She is a jewelry designer too, and that's the cherry on the top! Check out her Etsy shop , she has big and fabulous and chunky jewelry designs, I love how she beautifully combines different stones...

I'll keep this one short and will post soon about my other new exciting stuff going on very soon!


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