Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Looking for pen pals..

Facebook is such a blessing.. Especially if you are living in another country than your own, like me! I've found many many of my friends from past otherwise I'd have no idea how to reach them. I recently chatted with my high school English teacher through facebook, after 10 years! She mentioned me that it is a great way for her students to improve their English by being pen pals with other kids of their age, from other countries. So she asked me to let her know if I can find anybody around me who is willing to do that with her current students. I'm originally from Turkey by the way, so the students are Turkish!

Do you know any high school student who might be interested in doing something like that? I think it'd also be a great chance for them to experience such a thing, learn about Turkish culture, appreciate another culture, have a new friend, enjoy helping someone, and last but not least to HAVE FUN! So please let me know if you or someone you know would be interested in it by leaving a comment to this post, then I can contact you in private to exchange address details etc. If you are from Etsy, send me a convo!

much love,



elsie said...

i'm in!!

Derya said...

Yayy! =D

Melissa said...

I don't know any highschoolers, but I'll be your pen pal! I love to write and I love to learn about new cultures, so it's as perfect as can be!

Derya said...

Yayy, thanks Mel! As soon as I get more info from my old teacher, I'll let you know about the details!

(hope you are doing fab!) ((hugs))

Smashgirl said...

Such a cool idea, I have a high schooler, send me a convo with the details!

Congratulations I've awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award, take a look on my blog for details on how to pass it on!


Derya said...

Thanks for the interest smashgirl! I'll let your know about the details, just waiting to hear from my old teacher..

I'll check your blog for the Kreativ blogger award, thank you in advance! :)

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