Sunday, March 22, 2009

We are gift boxes and cabbages..

.. Every person is like a gift box waiting to be given to you, not just in special days, but mostly totally random, when the most unexpected. And you never know what's been hiding in that box unless you open it. Those boxes also contain other boxes inside (in different sizes), like those 'joke' ones people give to each other. The smallest is the hardest to open, because it is the most sacred and secret one. That's the one most of us prefer to keep to ourselves, the one that is a mystery to most , and complicated, and honest, and pure.. The ones who opens most of our boxes and get closest to the smallest ones, are our true friends. They are called 'gift' boxes, because we are all gifts to each other..

I also consider humans like cabbages, we have our layers. Many many layers! To truly get to know someone, we need to carefully peel and eat (also enjoy while eating) and digest the layers starting from outside, and slowly reach to the root (or core?). And you know what? you get the most nutrition from the root of the cabbage, that's where all the good stuff is! Personally I find that part the most delicious, mmm crispy and filling..

Don't be afraid of opening boxes, you never know what you will find in it, or what you will be surprised with! They are not presented to you already open, you need to take the packaging wrap off first, and untie the ribbon!

And eat your cabbages! It is good for you, it even makes you lose weight! ;)

Much love,

P.S. Cabbage chair (the photos above) are by nendo , click here to read more.. Isn't it the perfect design to pair with my post??



elsie said...

cabbages are yucky to eat but your blog is lovely to read...

Derya said...

I don't like cooked cabbage either, but I love eating it raw, especially the red one!

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