Friday, September 26, 2008

ONLY TODAY SALE! Don't miss it!..

I'm having a sale today in my shop, which'll end at the end of the day! You can find the items that are available for the 20% discount here.

Go and shop! :)

P.S. Just a few of the items for sale above..



Bruno and Betty said...

Wonderful things in your shop! What is that in the first image? Is it a broach or a ring? It's fab!

Derya said...

Thank you moxie! =D

It is a ring, here is the link;

Anonymous said...

Very nice! :):):)

Stela said...

awww I missed the sale!

Derya said...

Estela, contact me if you are interested in a particular item. I may have a special just for you! :)

ArteeLuar said...

Hi Dreya!
I just had to tell this. You're an amazing jewelry artist and your creations are always beautiful, with unexpected materials and very inspirational.
If only I could buy all the items I like!
Well, I could try! ;)

Derya said...

arteeluar, THANK YOU!!! =D

I'm so happy you think that way, it truly made my day! I appreciate your comment.

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