Friday, October 17, 2008


I feel like my 'hello' is echoing because I've been away from my little corner here for -let's see- about 3 weeks? Oh my this sounds worse than it feels like.. ;)

There is no particular reason for my absence , maybe a little mix of many things..Lately because of all the economic issues, politics, people wondering/worrying , and all the negativity might have led me to feel less inspired..?

I've still been working on many new exciting designs to list in my shop and I actually will have a show this weekend at Villa Park High School Craft Fair & Boutique. I'll attach the detailed info below at the end of this post. It'll be my first show that I actually set up a table. I had one before, but the host was a gallery and they did all the catering, advertising, set up etc. and it was really awesome! I felt like a very special artist! :)

Since then I never contributed to local shows, but finally I felt like I should be more out there and show what I do to more people! I honestly don't enjoy the whole preparing, getting every tiny little things you don't usually use for anything else etc, also the fact that you may end up selling nothing (I hope it won't happen) ..BUT, I enjoy very much of the opportunity to be face to face with people, and present my designs in person. It is the most fun pat of this whole thing for me! I really think it makes a big difference for people to get to know the artist in person and the fact they can touch and try my creations in non-cyber atmosphere! Anyway, I think it'll be refreshing for me to do that after a looong time of selling from behind the computer screen.. ;)

Meanwhile, I've also been going to my metalsmithing class on Saturdays from 9am to 3pm, 6 hours of hard work, a lot of learning and nice calming 'only me in therapy' time..Believe me, I'm not a morning person at all, so if something is making me wake up that early on a Saturday, it means I love it! I'm so happy with the class so far, and Jennifer our instructor is fabulous and funny -in a good way, making us giggle and laugh by her special way of teaching and demonstrating- especially her horror stories to warn us about safety stuff in the studio is cracking me up! ;)

Ahh, this must me one of my most lengthy posts in the text wise, but I think it is normal after a long absence. So bear with me! ;) I'm attaching some of my design photos that are new in the shop, if you click on them they'll take you to my shop, so you can read the details and see more photos and other new items.

If you happen to be in CA and want to come and see me and other artists/crafters at the show, please do so! If you mention my blog, I will be happy to give you a special discount. ;)

Villa Park High School Vocal Music

Craft Fair & Boutique

Saturday, October 18, 9 AM – 2 PM

18042 Taft Ave., Villa Park 92861

Proceeds of the boutique will benefit the Villa Park High School and Cerro Villa Middle School Vocal Music Programs. VPHS/ CVMS Vocal Music is an award-winning program that teaches lifelong skills in music and the pursuit of excellence.

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elsie said...

Your display at the show today looked amazing - it was wonderful to see you there!

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