Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Experience with your art –Part Two-

If you’ve been following me here in my blog, you probably know how much I love using unusual/unexpected materials and techniques in my designs. I’m always amazed by realizing that; the possibilities are really endless! All you need to do is ‘really look’, ‘think through’, ‘try,try,try’ and not be shy about trying! Not everything I try works out perfectly, but what to lose, et least I tried…

In the photos you see above, my latest pieces made with dyed silk rods. I’ve made a brooch by using those and several different embellishments before, and was very pleased with the results, so I decided to work more with those. Something about silk rods, I’m not sure what exactly it is. But, they look like wool fibers, and have a little luster on them. They are organic, and easy to work with, you can do whatever you like with them in different mediums in art!

The necklace has another interesting material, which is copper wire taken out from ‘video speak wire’ (that’s what it says on the box). It was initially plastic coated, but with my endless curiosity I ripped off the plastic to get a good look on what was inside. It was several strands of thinnest (like hair) copper wire. I played with it, shaped,bend, curl etc., and the pendant came out that way! Like it wasn’t enough torturing to the ‘video speak wire’, I’ve oxidized it as well. I loved the combination of the natural color silk rod with blackened copper and gold vermeil (24k gold over sterling). It is certainly not a big piece, but has such variety of different colors and materials…

Keep trying, it is fun! ;)


P.S. The necklace will be up in my shop soon, but the rest is available to pucrhase!



Jennifer said...

You are so right about trying and your jewelry is stunning!

Unknown said...

truly beautiful work:)

tattytiara said...

Wonderful textures!

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