Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I got stood up and ate sundried tomatoes pizza!

This is something that's happened to me for the first time in my life; Not only I got stood up, but by an Etsian (another Etsy seller)! :P Through forums she found out that we live very close and contacted me. We decided to meet. Normally I don’t meet people in person, which I met online (you never know!), but Etsy sellers has an exception for me. I mean, what are the chances somebody who spends his/her days doing artsy/fartsy stuff is actually a serial killer?

Anyway, I went to the café we were supposed to meet, Café Tutu Tango (really cute, great food, great art by the local artists hanging all over the place). Waited and waited for about an hour, called and left a message to her phone, nope…I thought she’s forgotten. Finally I’ve ordered the pizza I’ve been craving all that time -sun dried tomatoes,cheese,garlic, and basil- and coffee. They serve the pizza on an artist palette board, what could be a better treat to an artist?

Then I got a call from her right after I left the cafe, apparently she put our meeting on the wrong date. She was apologizing hundred times, although I wasn’t really upset or angry about the whole thing, at all (was still high from the pizza). Well, we are human and things happen. I think there are much more important things to be upset about in our lives, so… I've shopped at one of my favorite stores (to get over the shock! :P), and stopped by at the 99 cents bargain store to buy only one thing, and left with 20 things as always. Ha!

Oh, the end of the story? -We decided to meet next Monday ;). Well, I have a soft side for Etsians...




LaPellaPottery said...

Your attitude is so wonderful and refreshing! I'm so glad you will try to meet again!

Tadakatsu said...

That pizza sounded great. It must have been kinda nerve wrecking to wait for her but at least you had a positive attitude to what happened. :) I really do want to try that pizza now.

PAC said...

Thats great you two will meet again and really, that pizza sounds awesome!

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