Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I've been sick.. First I thought it was allergies, then it turned out to be the cold with a terrible cough :/ . I didn't even have the energy to add my new pretties to my shop, I feel bad.. The good thing is that I get to try the kleenex with lotion in it, hopefully at the end of this situation of being a sickie, I won't have deep peeled like red scars around my nose and I'll look hot again sooner than it used to be! :P

Last week passed mostly with creating because I was home alone most of the nights due to my husbands different than usual work schedule.. During the days I've photographed the pieces I made, then edited them on Photoshop.. It is actually Photoshop Elements that I just got and have been trying to learn for the last few weeks. It is not easy to achieve certain things I must say, needs step by step instructions first, and then a lot of practicing. If you like to try your hands on Photoshop but shy about spending that much money on something you are not sure if you are going to love (that's how my initial feelings were), you might want to go with elements. Photoshop Elements is a LOT more affordable, and unless you wanna go super pro on these things, it'll give you more than you need.. If you feel like you need more and want to learn more, then you may upgrade to Photoshop , nothing to loose really..

Then there was thanksgiving, oh it was a FUN day.. You know I'm not an American and neither my husband, so we don't celebrate thanksgiving in our country. BUT, we've been lucky to be invited to our friends' gatherings for the last few years, and I must admit; I love it! Haha.. Who doesn't like the idea of 'whatever you eat at thanksgiving day, it doesn't have calories!' Yayy, dream come true! Anyway, we were invited to my friends' house this year, aaaaaandd she is an Etsian too Elsie (click to see her shop), yes I met her through Etsy! That's why I love Etsy, and I will never stop loving it even though if I happen to close my shop one day! Etsy gave me a friend, I believe a life long friend, do you think I'd exchange that to -let's say- a million bucks I make out of Etsy?? OK, maybe I exaggerated here a little bit, but do you think I'd exchange my friend to -let's say- thousands of dollars I'd make out of Etsy? NO, of course not!.. Isn't great? (OK I'm being serious now) :P

Enough silliness for a night, I think my NyQuil is kicking in, gotta lay down a little..

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