Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Cotton Plants are in Paper n Stitch!

Brittni is the sweetest, and I love her blog. This morning I woke up to her nice feature on my Cotton Plants Collection in her Paper n Stitch blog, and I was a HAPPY girl!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Designing with a special client at my studio!

C found me through Etsy, asking about my butterfly earrings. When we found out that we were almost neighbors (she lives in Long Beach, I'm in Orange), we set up a meeting at my studio. C is getting married next year, so she was looking for unique pieces to accessorize. We created a large size butterfly single earring for her, collaborating together. We both loved the results, and enjoyed the process. I'm so excited to design coordinating pieces for her wedding, like hair pieces and shoe clips in all butterfly theme. I can't wait!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Cotton Field Earrings- Simply Unique and so Organic

One of my creations that I'm so proud of and currently in love! Sorry to brag, but I know they are one of the most unique little things you will find in jewelry world! ;)

Just listed in my little corner click here to see and shop!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cotton Plants Collection is about to Launch

I'm very excited about this, can't wait to start listing the pieces to my online shop! They'll all be available soon!

If you are on Facebook, please join my jewelry page to be alerted with the newest items, news and special discounts only inclusive to the members of my group! Click here to go to my page (after signing into your account)


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kahlil Gibran Quote Collage Necklace

My friend introduced me to Gibran by birthday gifting me a book of his 'the prophet' , which she said she always keep it on her night stand. Now I do too.

This necklace I created is a special piece to me, which has a quote of his on it "Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair."

Just listed in my shop, waiting for another fan, or a friend of a fan to be gifted. ;)



Friday, October 23, 2009

Lockets with Vintage Jewels, Who doesn't love that?

I do! Here are some pieces from my Lockets Collection, newly listed in my shop, all one of kinds, all looong necklaces, and more to come soon..


I've been having fun with these..

I've been enjoying Photoshop Elements while practicing and discovering it's possibilities. If you are a hobbiest of photography like me, I really recommend that you try that program. I preferred elements because I didn't have any experience with photoshop before, and the price was a lot more affordable for me to just to test the waters first, instead of moving directly to the big thing!

I have a sony cyber shot camera that is fairly small and very light, which I always carry with me when I'm out.. That way, when I see something interests me, I just take advantage of it, and use them later to practice the program..

The photos above are all created that way! The first one is the gorgeous pink tree I ran into on my way to the studio. The watermelon girl is a shot I was lucky to catch in my trip to Seattle, and the last one is from Gypsy Den Cafe where I always go to get coffee while working in my studio at artist village. I'm just loving the results so far, and I ordered some prints of them from an online company, I can't wait them to arrive!!

I will update you on those later! ;)


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jewelera is OPEN now!!

Yep, I'm listing my newest creations one by one, so keep checking out my store to see many many gorgeous designs! :)

By the way, did I tell you I have a Facebookpage for my jewelry biz? YEP! Go ahead and join, so you can watch closely what I'm up to, the news with my business and all!

It is at; Derya Aksoy Jewelry

P.S. That's my new banner with my photography!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Man, life is good!

From the Naturelle Collection

First of all; do I need to say it again? Yep, you got it! I'm the the worst blogger, I don't update my blog enough, blah blah blah.. This is done, let's talk about something else..

MAN! Am I happy? Oh YES! I don't know what happened, how my mood changed, what switch turned on (or off), but I became a fully motivated, excited, joyful, smiling (a lot) and looking better than ever person -again-. You know how you feel when you meet an oooold good friend you haven't seen for a long time, and when you run into her unexpectedly; you say 'wow, I've missed you!' realizing it just that exact moment? I feel like that for myself nowadays.. I had no idea real me was missing in my life for so long, and I'm so bubbly happy to meet myself again! As I said, I even look better from outside; because my positive energy is coming out with a big smile on my face, a spark in my eyes, I walk more straight, even my fashion sense got better, and my hair is nicer , and the list goes on.. To put the cherry on the top; since I've started feeling that way, I started making more friends, and really good ones too.

I don't wanna sound like I'm bragging about myself here, but I'm just trying to be open with how I feel, so somebody out there who is reading this can find a tiny little light or hope maybe, which can change their outlook in life into a more positive way. See, I was depressed for a while (a combination of reasons).. I think I've mentioned that before here in my blog. Anyway, I'll do it again, because I know there are so many people out there suffering. I had those days I didn't have the tiniest motivation or desire to leave home, or returning calls from my friends.. All I wanted to do was; just to go somewhere really far away that nobody knows me (even the existing family and friends), so I wouldn't have any responsibilities etc. Little things seemed so big, and I had a constant fight between how my soul feels and my logic.. One said 'hey you are better than this, get your butt up!', the other one said nothing but feeling sad for itself.. Sounds familiar? I hope not, because it really sucks big time. But even if it does, please know that it doesn't have to last forever.

Therapists, medications, talking with close friends or family members, etc. may help but none of them is the solution. It is you my friend. You need to make the decision to not to be 'not you' anymore, and get that oldy but goody yourself have the grand opening to the life again! Once you start implementing that into your life, I promise, everything will get better and the positive things will start happening right after another.

Everything is like a chain in this life, every move or step effects the next one. Once you feel better, you smile more, when you smile more people react to you the same, then you start communicating better, make more friends, be more outgoing, feel energetic, you wanna dress better too because you are out more now, so you get compliments, you feel better, you have more contacts now, so you may even find a better job, you feel better, you realize that life is actually worth living, you feel better...

I believe us humans are like mirrors, we do mirror each other in life really. Whatever the way you approach others is a similar one you will get in return. Also the way you see others is actually the way you see yourself. You know those people, who is cocky and sees everyone below than themselves, and belittle people around them? That actually means that person is seeing himself that way, he has confidence issues. Or, if someone is mad all the time and mean towards others, that means they are angry with themselves. I always try to keep this in mind, because I believe it gives me a good direction in life to be more understanding towards myself and others, as well as to have a more positive attitude. (The palm of my right hand is itching right now, and it is believed -in my culture- that I will earn money, yayy! lol)

Ahh I hope this post doesn't sound like a lecture, because I didn't mean it to be. One last thing I wanna say is about 'being a good friend' before I move on to some latest highlights about my little business. Trust is one of the most important things in a good relationship (I know you already know this!). If you realized we are becoming more and more reserved about our feelings by the time goes. This causes less sharing between people, while we are needing more of that actually nowadays, because the life is getting harder and more complicated with the 'modernizm' and its down sides it brings to our lives. As much as you need a person closer to you that you can fully trust, so do others. So please learn and practice, actually decide right now, to be good listener to others, and the best secret keeper on this earth! Nope, it is not OK to share even with your other best friend, or your mom or your husband/wife etc. This is done too, let's move on to the next section now;

What's up with my jewelry biz?

Well well.. Now you all know I'm back on track with my life, and that includes my jewelry business. I've been on a creative roll, making stuff day and night, sleeping very little (which is OK for me, but yeah unhealthy I know mom!). I've already done a few shows, one of them was very successful for me. I will have at least 2 -maybe 3- shows coming up for holiday season. One of them is Patchwork/ Santa Ana, which I've done once before and LOVED it! The other ones is Unique Los Angeles in the beginning of December (heard good things about it), I'm hoping to book more shows, I'll let you know. There is also the art walk nights in Artist Village/ Santa Ana first Saturday of every the month. As some of you know I have a studio in Santora Building there (2nd floor, suite B).. So please stop by if you happen to be there! Oh, I will post later about the dates and all the info about the shows by the way!

I have a lot of plans to improve my little business, a photo shoot is one of them.. I wanna do something very artistic, it'll be my first experience, fingers crossed! I'm flirting with the ideas these days..

OK, I can write more, because there is more to share, but it is already a long post so here I will end it and attach some photos of my new pieces.. If you made it this far, good for me! ;)


Frida Necklace is a part of a new upcoming collection..

Bracelets from my new Turkish Tiles Collection

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sometimes you do something without realizing...

The ring

...that you are taking the first step of creating a memory for yourself, something you will always remember...

That Sunday morning of the street fair (which I was a vendor of), I did that by deciding to wear my ring I got from my recent Istanbul trip. That ring wasn't something expensive, but had an unusual design which grabbed my attention when I first saw it. Of course I didn't know then, the ring was going to be a conversation starter for me to find out; one of the people who stopped by at my booth was half Turkish. It is not very common to meet people from my country in the OC area, so I was pretty happy to meet that young lady which also happened to be an artist. Apparently her mom was from Istanbul, but the young lady herself did not know any Turkish. Though, her name was Yagmur (which is a Turkish name) meaning Rain in English. She told me that she was going to go to Istanbul in the near future for a few months, and she also had a lot of relatives there.. She was very nice and it was pretty cool to have such an unexpected connection with someone.. We exchanged our contact information to meet and talk more later as she was leaving my booth..

Later that evening, I found myself thinking; if she didn't see my ring and compliment on it, I would probably not tell her where I was from and we would not have that whole conversation. No wait (!) if I did not choose to wear that specific ring that day, the whole thing would not happen.. I can even forward time back more to the day I purchased the ring! It is like that movie 'The Butterfly Effect', whatever route you take in life will take you somewhere different that it would be if you've taken another route, no?

I'm not a strictly believer of destiny, as no matter what you do in life, something is written for you and that's what you will get at the end. I don't agree with that. I think we each have different destinies in our lives, and what we will get as a result of our actions depends on our decisions we take at the time. Like those questionnaires you see on the paper; every question has two options 'yes' and 'no' and your route will change depends on your answer, so you keep following the little arrows that will take you to the results.. Does it make sense?

Anyhow, the street fair was fun, I can't say it was a big success business-wise but hey I got to meet many cool people, actually became friends with them afterward, and had a great time with my booth buddies! And ohh, I and my buddies also managed to do some awesome trades, so I have 2 new amazingly beautiful necklaces that I adore!

By the way, I'm aware my Etsy shop looks pretty sad right now with only one item, but I have been on 'oh boy!' creative roller coaster ride, preparing some very intersting pieces with my new unique tecnique which I believe you will love too! I'll be photographing them these days, and list them in my shop, so get ready to be amazed and not being able to stop yourself but shop shop shop! OK, enough of the bragging.. Bye now! ;)


Sweet Melissa, I'm looking forward to do many more shows with her! Check out her unique jewelry designs click here !

My other gorgeous booth buddy Elsie is wearing my design that I traded for.. Check out her etsy shop click here !

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

pssst! Coming soon at Jewelera!!

An amazing one of a kind piece, newly created, fresh out of the oven!! mmmmm delish!! I will list it in my online shop very soon.. :)

Name: Time Flies By..

Materials: Wallpaper, fake leather, hand sketching and embossed painting, vintage watch face finding, vintage button, and copper chain.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'll be at the Orange Street Fair this weekend!

So I've been getting ready for the show, creating new babies.. I just wanted to do a quick post with a little sneak peek to my newly pretties! These will be in my online shop very soon!

If you are close by, and can't wait for me to list those to my shop; please come and visit me this weekend in Downtown Orange at the Street Fair!

I will be there from 5pm to 10pm on Friday, 10am to 10pm on Saturday, and same on Sunday!
I don't know where my booth is gonna be, but look for 3 fabulous jewelry designers under 1 tent, OK? ;) I guarantee you it'll be worth it!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My friend's puppetry!

The street Fair in Orange is getting closer (this weekend!) and as always I'm not feeling ready at all.. My creative spark has been with me a lot lately and there are a lot of things in my mind but I'm having labor pains to push them out! I delivered some pretty cool things but I feel like I still have many babies inside of me struggling to come out to life! (OK, why am I comparing having babies with my creating process? am I evaluating or something?)

Anyhow.. Today I want to tell you about a very dear friend of mine, from my college in back home Turkey. Her name is Asuman Subay, and she is one of the most successful people graduated from our department of Set and costume Designs (also with the best hair). She opened a studio in one of the coolest places in Istanbul (Beyoglu/Taksim) where she creates her fab puppets of different kinds, and give drawing courses to the students who wants to pursue fine arts. She also excepts custom orders to make a very own puppet version of yourself! Isn't that cool?

In my recent trip to Istanbul, I stopped by her studio, intrupting her working for an upcoming exhibition (how rude ehh?). She was so happy to see me (duh!) , and even made me my latest favorite thing in the world: Mastic flavered Turkish coffee (yumm).

We talked about the economical and pilitical issues going on in the world, and what can we do about it. *snort* Not really.. We mostly had fun doing a photo shoot with her puppets and gossiping about out past classmates and what everyone is up to. It was one of those days that I know I will remember when I go back to U.S. and have a broken smile on my face, saying;
'I wish America was as close as Europe to Turkey, so I'd go to Istanbul at least once in a couple months!' for the 1000th time in my life.

Following week I was at her exhibition!

Here is her website; click here

She also has a facebook group 'Su Sanat Kukla Atolyesi' with more than 400 members, join in if you like to see more of her work and hear about the updates!



Thursday, August 27, 2009

HELLOOOo..oooo.. ooo..oo.o............

I can almost hear my voice echoing in my poor little corner of abandoned cyberspace! Can't believe how long I've been absent, but hey I'm human and believe me "not a perfect one" for sure! Long story short, I traveled and traveled (has been in Istanbul/ Turkey-my country- for 2 months!), needed some time off from everything (including my Etsy shop), had some up and down times, did a lot of thinking and a lot of more thinking, a little couch time with a sleepy face, some arguing with myself and then kissing-making up with myself again etc. Yep! Alll regular human stuff.. lol

Meanwhile I've been visiting my blog, thinking about what I should post about, realizing there are TONS so get overwhelmed and click back to another webpage. Well, now it is not one of those days so I clicked to the 'new post', yayy! I already feel like accomplish something.. ;)

OK enough of explaining myself I think.. :P I had a fabulous time in Turkey! My brother got married, so there was his wonderful lovely wedding. Although my hair looked pretty bad (whatever the hell they sprayed on it, it looked so unnatural rock like thing that I couldn't resist keep touching to surprise myself with the weird foreign feeling everytime!) my dress was pretty and I had a lot of fun. Annnnnd after the wedding, I and my mom with a group of lady friends of her, we went to Cyprus for a week long vacation, wohooo! That was relaxing, fun and the sea was beautiful.. Overall a very therapatic time we had there. When I got back to Istanbul, I was out everyday EVERYDAY either with my friends, family or relatives, I don't remember being that social for years! I even met with a group of my elemantary school friends which I haven't seen for almost 20 years! Also highschool friends as well.. I was so social I even lost weight! (that was one of the best parts)

There are ton of photographs from my travelings, I don't even know which ones to put here *sigh* it'll be hard! Ohhh before I forget, when I got back to U.S. I and my husband also had a trip to Seattle for 5 days. That was also sooooooo awesome, I always knew I'd love it there and I was right! I have tons of cool photos from there also!

Hmmmmm... Am I missing anything else?? YEP! I'll have a show next week, yupppiiii! It'll be in downtown Orange, International Festival one! There is gonna be food, artists, music too (I think) etc. Friday- Saturday- Sunday event! (kinda scary yes!) I found some really cool display items from my last salvation army trip, I have to take photos soon to show you.

What else, what else?... Well.. My etsy shop is looking pretty empty now, I haven't updated it for a while as you can imagine. :/ The floors need a good sweep, and I need to get rid of the spider webs too.. Once this show is over, I'll do a nice come-back I promise! I'm already making so many new and exciting pieces, so I'm planing to put them in my shop right after the show!

If you are close by, pleasestop by to see me there! I'll be sharing a booth with other 2 jewelry designers from Etsy! Elsiee and melissaloschy

Muah muah for now lovelies.. :) I'll be back soon..


1. P.S. The photos are from my Istanbul trip.

2. P.S. I decided to eat healthier, and especially after reading that book called 'Skinny Bitch'
I decided to challenge myself to be vegetarian for 30 days as trial period.. It's been going very well, and I'm not having a hard time so far.. I'll update you about that also in my upcoming posts.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My latest shopping spree & what's up with me lately!

Bloom in Black Headband is from ChristineCecelia
(sorry for the bad photo, it was taken by a phone!)

Time is passing by so fast, it is crazy! I've been preparing mentally and shoppingly (I just created a new word as I often do!) for the last few weeks for my trip to Turkey! As some of you know I'm originally from the beautiful city of Istanbul in Turkey, and my whole family lives there, so I go and visit them about once a year. Now, that 'once a year' time has come again, but with a little extra reason for me as a 'have to go' this time, which I don't complain of course.. My brother is getting married, yayy! So, most of my shopping was about the very important part about his wedding; 'what am I going to wear??'..

Thankfully with the help of my friend/fellow jewelry designer/stand by mama (a hot one)/personal therapist/shopping buddy/personal stylist Elsie, it was a fun and a little exhausting but with a happy ending experience! The exhausting part was because -from my understanding-; most of the designers of evening dresses have the mentality/assumption of a woman who is going to wear those dresses would want to reveal their boobies! So most of the dresses I tried and actually really liked was too low cut, after tens of trying, I found myself thinking about getting one of those and add a lace or something to cover the 'decolletage' area, out of desperation! Finally and thankfully I found a very nice and sophisticated dress that fit me well and didn't need curtains for the window! *wink wink*

Along the way, since I was already in the shopping mood and my antennas were working perfectly for spotting potential items to purchase, I got a few extra pretties not related to the wedding at all! ;) It wasn't limited just with the local stores, Etsy had it's role too of course in this spree!

I'm leaving this Sunday by the way, and I'll be in Turkey for 7 weeks!! The idea of leaving my honey behind all that time hurts, I already miss him, so this week is going very emotional for me, spiced up with tears and all, mostly sudden or when watching a love scene on the T.V. or even simple commercials.. :/ Then I comfort myself by reminding all the bead shopping I will do at my favorite places in Istanbul, all the partying with friends I'll have, and the wedding of course! So, I wipe my tears off with the back of my hand and get calm.. I know I'm mean like that sometimes! :P

Back to the FUN subject; shopping.. Besides my new favorite headband that you see at the top of this post, I have some other goodies to share with you;

This is my latest #1 skincare product; Rose water cleanser by UnicosCauldron . I have been looking for a all natural cleanser for my face with rose water for a while, and I came accross her shop on Etsy. I ordered and tried the sample size first, and loved it! Especially the fact that it is not only a cleanser but it is a moistruzer as well. The humactant ingredient in it pulls the moistrure from the air and locks it on your skin. I reccomend it if you have dry skin, or combination skin like me!

And these are my favorite new sandals I fell in love at first site at Nordstrom while shopping for my dress! I got the black one!

Aaaand these are my HIGHs from Forever 21, YES I can walk in them but not too long! :P

Much love!!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't miss this sale!

Did you know there has been a great sale going on in my shop? Yep, some of my really cool customers have been taking advantage of it too! Don't worry, there are still many unique and fabulous designs are left waiting for you to take a look!

Buy one get the second for half off! The details are at my shop announcement, go and check it out!

Below are some of the sold items during my sale! (if you see anything you love and want me to re-create for you, please don't hesitate to contact me!)


Saturday, April 4, 2009

How could you NOT tell me about Ron Mueck??

Clearly I just found out about him, and I don't know what to say or what to write here, sometimes words don't do the justice.. I'm mad because nobody told me about him! (can you tell I'm just trying to blame it on somebody?) Ron Mueck , I think I love you! ;) (I can't even think about my cute new gladiator shoes and fabulous dress I bought today! *wink wink*)


Monday, March 30, 2009

My studio!

Life is a funny thang.. ;)

One day a couple of months ago, we were sitting at one of the window tables of Gypsy Den Cafe in downtown Santa Ana with my husband, drinking coffee.. As I look out the window towards one of the Santora Building's windows with the most beautiful architectural details, I told him; 'I wish I had a studio space there.'... He offered me to check the building for available spaces and I told him that even if there was any, rent would be too much for me to afford..

Anyway, we still went there after finishing our coffees, to look around a little bit, and saw an empty space available. He was calling the number on the window to ask about the rent etc., I looked around and saw an artist working on a reproduction of a Rembrandt painting at the back part of a store, behind some vintage clothing and accessory displays..

My husband couldn't reach the person on the phone, so I decided to talk to that artist to see if I could get any info about the space. Long story short, the artist guy (named Moises) tells me that it'd be great if I would be interested in moving in with them to share their space! I go yayy, and now I'm there! ;)

This is my studio on the left corner, on the right side where Moises paints,
and the front on the store has really cool vintage clothing and accessories
handpicked by Gretel..

Inside of the Santora Building, I'm on the second floor! The building
was built in 1929 in Spanish Colonial Revival Style..

The painting on the left is by Moises Camacho, and on the right is
a work of Joseph Hawa (another artist I share the building with)

There are many many other artist's studios and galleries in the Santora Building/ Artist Village. Every first Saturday of the month those studios and galleries open to the public, so you can come in and get inspired maybe purchase something you fall in love it by also supporting the local artists.

I'd also love it if you can stop by to meet me in person there, anytime! Just let me know beforehand so I make sure that I'm there when you come in! :)

Santora Arts Building

207 North Broadway
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meeting at the 'eggz neighbourhood' with Faulty Carpenter

The weird thing is, in my previous post my goal was to introduce you a new Etsy artist I've recently discovered "faultycarpenter"..
I started talking about people are like gift boxes and you never know what you will find in the box blah blah blah, and right after that intro, I was meaning to tell you that I met this new cool artist on Etsy.. And somehow I found myself writing more and more, even about cabbages!! haha. It was way too much of an intro, it became a post itself and I just decided to leave it that way.. *sighs*

I had a pleasure learning more about Adam Grath of "faultycarpenter" after I added his very personable 'eggz neighbourhood' to my favorites. Chatting him a little bit, I immediately decided to feature him here in my blog, because I'm sure you will like to hear his story as well..

Adam is a 48 years old artist who grew up in Kalamazoo Michigan, currently lives and works in Bloomington Minnesota with his wife Anne and their two dogs Moby and Mabel. He says; 'I found etsy via a co-workers girlfriend. Her shop has had some success, so I thought it would be fun to start my own store.' And adds: 'I'm digging the etsy community and find it has been very helpful and encouraging to see the wonderful array of objet that comes from the minds and hands of others.'

Although Adam opened his shop in Feb, 2009 , he has always been in art & crafts world. He says 'My dad David Grath is a fine artist (painter) and my mom Donna Grath is a spectacular quilter so I've been around art/crafts since I was a wee tot.' He has also studied ceramics at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art.. 'under a super cool artist named Tom Lollar' he adds.. One of his other passions is music; ' I sell guitars for a living and have played for (gulp) 43 years. another story'..

Adam's Etsy shop name is coming from his illustrated short story book "The Faulty Carpenter". He actually has a video of the story on youtube which you can watch by clicking here. Although I love that story (and the music, which is also his own), my favorite one is 'Emmet The Flying Chair' which is another illustrated story by him! (click here to watch)

Going back to our conversation starter, the 'eggz neighbourhood' , he says: ' I started making "neighbourhoods" of smashed heads in 1971 and selling them in the divided coke crates that hold 24. It's getting almost impossible to find the old crates anymore and when you do some antique shop wants 20$ for one, so I started making my "eggz neighbourhoods" using recycled egg cartons instead.' and adds 'I love to look at objects and consider what other uses and personalities they might have. '

Adam says he also paints with acrylics mostly on large canvas, and planing to list them in his Etsy shop very soon! He also has a blog 'click here' which he tries to post a chapter and a drawing everyday..

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Adam as much as me.. Add him to your faves , and keep an eye on his shop for soon to be filled with many other cool artwork! His book 'The Faulty Carpenter' is currently available for purchase in his shop for only $7.. *wink wink*

Much love,



Sunday, March 22, 2009

We are gift boxes and cabbages..

.. Every person is like a gift box waiting to be given to you, not just in special days, but mostly totally random, when the most unexpected. And you never know what's been hiding in that box unless you open it. Those boxes also contain other boxes inside (in different sizes), like those 'joke' ones people give to each other. The smallest is the hardest to open, because it is the most sacred and secret one. That's the one most of us prefer to keep to ourselves, the one that is a mystery to most , and complicated, and honest, and pure.. The ones who opens most of our boxes and get closest to the smallest ones, are our true friends. They are called 'gift' boxes, because we are all gifts to each other..

I also consider humans like cabbages, we have our layers. Many many layers! To truly get to know someone, we need to carefully peel and eat (also enjoy while eating) and digest the layers starting from outside, and slowly reach to the root (or core?). And you know what? you get the most nutrition from the root of the cabbage, that's where all the good stuff is! Personally I find that part the most delicious, mmm crispy and filling..

Don't be afraid of opening boxes, you never know what you will find in it, or what you will be surprised with! They are not presented to you already open, you need to take the packaging wrap off first, and untie the ribbon!

And eat your cabbages! It is good for you, it even makes you lose weight! ;)

Much love,

P.S. Cabbage chair (the photos above) are by nendo , click here to read more.. Isn't it the perfect design to pair with my post??

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