Monday, August 25, 2008

Inspiration- Orange County -Citrus Tree Necklace

One of my newest necklaces named 'Citrus Tree', inspired by my new location for the last 5 months, Orange County/CA. The funny thing is; I realized that I was inspired by that after I actually made the necklace! I surprised myself, I hope my creations surprises you too, in a good way of course! :)

You can check out the details about this beautiful piece at my shop here!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

News and news...

Me keeps creating, and making absurd stuff with some absurd materials! :P

First of all I like to give you some good news (for me), I'm starting to metal smithing jewelry classes! Yayyy, I'm psyched! After 4 years of designing beaded jewelry, it is finally my time to take it to the next level! You know how much I love experimenting with different materials with my endless search and curiosity, so I think this will open a whole new window to fun& new adventures.. I will be updating the things I made at the class every week here in my blog!

OK, I've been working on some necklaces with a new material for the last week; wallpaper! I had some really cool catalogs of wallpaper samples from my interior design school period, and have been thinking about what to do with them! Finally it came to me, and I decided to incorporate them into my jewelry.

First one I did was with cream color vinyl embossed wallpaper. Everyone seemed to love it on Etsy, and it was finally sold on last Thursday to a very nice lady who is thinking about wearing it on her wedding! :)

The other ones are with different illustrations like a bird, goat, and a laundry washing mom with her 2 kids in a boat, all cut out from wallpaper pages in the catalog, backed with felt for stability, and coated for protection. I loved them all, I think they are very different from what you see around in the market everyday, unique and all one of a kind!

If you click on the photos above, they'll take you to their listings in my shop, so you can read the descriptions and see more detailed photos..

Friday, August 15, 2008

Experience with your art Part-4 FIELD TRIP

My previous posts on 'experience with your art' part-1, part-2 and part-3 were about my tips and opinions. On part-4 , I decided to take you to a field trip to Etsy , so we can also review what other designers say about their art and to the other artists to expand on their creativity.

I chose 9 Etsy jewelry designers who I think creates beautiful pieces with unusual materials, and asked them to answer 2 questions;

-What was your inspiration source when you were creating this item(s)?
-Do you have any tips to the other artists about how to be more creative with their art?

Although, the quotes are from jewelry designers, I think you'll find inspirational tips whatever the medium you work on. Here we go!..

Shana's rings make me feel sexy and girly, yet sophisticated and cozy all at the same time! She makes her rings with felted mohair and silk ball, and silver bits sprinkled throughout the surface. Her Pink scoop ring is set on sterling silver setting.

Here is what Shana from ShanaAstrachan says about her rings; "I am inspired by new materials and the challenge to use them in unconventional ways. Though I have been making metal pieces for years I started working on these rings after learning to knit. I loved the process of figuring out how to make these pieces."

Here is her tips to the other artists about how to be more creative with their art;" I encourage you to experiment; learn a new technique or pick up a new material. You may be very surprised how this may present itself in your work."

I always adored FrucciDesign's creations, I think she is genius when it comes to turn a material like paper to fabulous wearable pieces!

Fru says; "When I was designing MURA rings I challenge myself: I wanted to create rings that were only paper, durable, and most important that look as sophisticated as if they were made of precious material."

And her tip is; 'The same I use all the time: don't be afraid to combine media or techniques, or colors...mix mix mix!

I'm a huge fan of Clevergirl ! I admired her SWAK necklace, which is made with 'vintage lenticulars' (images that "move" or change depending on angle) , even more after hearing her inspiration source;

" I try to only buy materials that trigger an intense emotion or desire in me, and that is my jumping off point for making anything...The image that popped into my head for this was of a Marilyn Monroe sort of a character blowing kisses while a swarm of photographers and fans moved in...These were the kisses she blew in all directions, not wanting to leave anyone out- still a little bit of sweetness with the sexiness.

As far as tips:
When creativity is most elusive, I find that avoiding frustration and potential burnout by calling a time out from making new work to be the best remedy.

When in doubt, put the work away and go for a walk. "

Jeff and Jann from 2ReVert is a husband and wife team, husband creates one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces from 100% post-consumer recycled skateboards in spare time from his day job .

"Part of the enjoyment in creating 2ReVert's pieces is that I have no idea what I'm looking for or what I'm going to find until it's the finished product. So my inspiration, I guess you could say, is the search."

And tips to the other artists; "You learn ten times as much making mistakes as you do hitting home runs."

Jimena's pillow earrings are so sweet and cozy!

Designer says; "My inspiration come form everywhere, I’m always looking for beautiful things, objects, landscapes, pictures, my two boys…I try to be surrounded from nice things. I have the idea that if all the things around me are nice some nice ideas will come to my mind."

And here her tip to the other artists; "Isolate things, all the ideas you have are good, just put them apart on with paper and wait until the show you how to go on."

Lauren's earrings speak for themselves, I think they are truly inspirational!

Here is what Lauren from laurenelgee says about her designs; "I was inspired by a German book I found at a charity shop. I loved the images of the girls doing exercises together and wanted to capture them in my Vintage Illustration earrings. "

She adds; "Experiment with new ideas and make what you love to make. Take a trip to the library and look at art and design magazines and books."

Isn't EcoLoops fun? It is very happy and summery looking, and I love the fact that they are different colors!

Sarah from loopsdesign says; "I was inspired to use recycled items and upcycle them to make them more beautiful and valuable than their original form. I used magazine photos to create these earring rounds."

Here is her tip; "Take something random and use it for a new purpose and see what comes of it. Even if it turns out poorly it will still spawn new creative ideas for other things."

This amazing ring is constructed with powerful magnets, meaning that you can store it on your refrigerator! Designer of this highly innovative ring from says; "It was our first ring assignment and once I heard "Box Ring" it kind of popped. It is always good to know as much as possible about other artists. Their work can inspire you and knowing what is out there can prevent accidentally copying someone else's work."

I love how these earrings are made with fabric covered and embellished beads, they look very sophisticated!

Christine from Kangas says; "Fabric is often the inspiration-I love the warmth that fabric gives to a piece of jewelry-something familiar but unexpected."

She adds "To be more creative, find the one thing that really gets you going and collect everything you have around you-all other materials or mediums that you love to go with it.
My mind really gets going that way..."


I really appreciate all the designers for contributing, and sharing their input with me. Please feel free to comment, I'd like to hear the readers opinions as well. :)




Thursday, August 14, 2008

New pretties and an upcoming post!

Well, I've been kind of busy with the orders and new designs lately, so I've been away from my blog for a while, sorry about this! I wonder if there is anyone out there who comes and check if I have a new post? Do you??? If so, drop a 'me' in the comments, so I'll know! I'll know and I'll be a better poster then! ;)

So... I've listed new and fresh and exciting designs in my shop this week! I hope you like them. I'm especially in love with the wallpaper necklace, and very excited about the copper earrings. Oh, those colors on the copper pieces amazes me so much!

Oooo, I also got a treasury last night, which has became kinda hard lately, but yayyy anyway! It took me about an hour to make it, many of them are from my favorite sellers or items, but still there were so many good stuff, it was hard to decide! Check it out here!


Pssst... I'll post 'experience with your art part-4' tomorrow with an Etsy field trip format. I'll have some creative guests here, so come back to check!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Experience with your art Part-3

Yep, I've been in my alchemy lab/studio working hard to make more special unique pieces. If you enjoyed the part-1 and part-2, I hope you'll enjoy this one too...

Well, I think coming from textiles related background (fashion, costume design, and interior design), I love textiles, fibers, textures etc. And, I see jewelry as a wearable art, so it gives me tons of opportunities to coordinate any material I want in the world to my art. The possibilities are endless, as I always say 'You just need to know how to look and see!'.

I remember my mom painting beautiful floral designs on silk when I was growing up. She'd make table clothes and other decorative items with them. Our whole house was filled with her creations of different mediums, she was one creative lady and still is! This means, not only look around but stick to your memories! Memories will also be a great inspiration for you.

Recently featured seller at Etsy Woodmouse quoted 'My wooden toys and figures are basically my childhood drawings turned into wood. I think of an animal or object and try to remember how I would have drawn it as a child and use that as a starting point.' in her interview. (inspiration 1: childhood memories)

So, I had some cotton fabric in hand and a few fabric paints in basic colors to create my master piece (:P), and started playing with them. I'd see some jewelry artists on Etsy making beads out of fabric, and I thought 'why make fabric covered charms?'. That's how everything started. (inspiration 2: other artists work)

I had some metal coin charms in my stash, I've covered them with the fabric on both sides, and painted little flowers on them. They needed a more finished look, but I didn't have any metal settings to cover the back and the edges. So I've created my own setting by opening the leaves of the vintage bead cap and attaching it to the charms. I think it took the charm to a different level, I like the look. (Tip: As in this example, try to think ahead with the materials, a bead cap doesn't have to serve only as a bead cap)

I finished the design by attaching the charms to vintage leafy connectors and voila! One pair is listed in my shop, and the other pair will be soon! The are both one of a kind earrings.


PLEASE NOTE: I only like to explain my creative process on my blog to inspire other artists. They are not instructions for people to make their own and sell them. All rights reserved to the artist Derya Aksoy (which is me). Thank you!

My Spoiled Week!

Wow, last week was a total ego boosting and spoiling week for me! I got great WONDERFUL compliments from admirable designers on Etsy about my jewelry designs, and like that didn't make me high enough, 3 of my designs were featured on the front page! I could catch two of the screen shots (one is above, somehow the other will not upload here) . These are my other 2 items who made the front page here and here. Thank you everyone for taking the time to contact me with your nice words, they gave me teary eyes! Also thank you Etsians who picked my items for their treasury! :)

OK, remember I wrote about an Etsian who stood me up? Yeah, I've met her last Monday, she is one great woman and too much fun to be with! She was also too nice to give me a beautiful yellow orchid in a pot, which is the first real flower in my new apartment! I'm normally not very good at taking care of alive plants, the problem is I can't keep them alive for long, but hey I'll be nice to the orchid this time! :P Anyway, I think I just got a new girl friend to myself, and that's the best part. She is a jewelry designer too, and that's the cherry on the top! Check out her Etsy shop , she has big and fabulous and chunky jewelry designs, I love how she beautifully combines different stones...

I'll keep this one short and will post soon about my other new exciting stuff going on very soon!

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