Friday, April 30, 2010

what's cooking in the studio? I won't tell you but here are some clues..

I'm in a little secrety mood today. :)

-Very much connected to this photo
-nothing like I've created before
-each of them has different ingredients
-contain some architectural details
-mouth watering qualities
-they are wearable (duh!)

OK I can't say no more but I'm just having a lot fun creating them. The secret will be revealed here in this blog very soon! Any guesses??

Oh by the way, here are my latest designs listed in my shop ( click on the photos to go to the listings)



Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mystery mail from a stranger..

“In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. 
For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.” 
Kahlil Gibran  

What is so good about 'sharing' anyway?  First of all; it makes you feel good, right? Then it is free, yet you always get a good return for it (aka karma). The power of sharing just overwhelms me when
I think about it because most importantly 'sharing' gets bigger as you keep doing it.

I feel like there are a lot of sharing going on in my life nowadays. The one that made me extremely happy is the surprise gift of 2 books (of a Turkish Writer) mailed to me the other day (signed by the author and with a sweet note from the sender). All the way from my home city Istanbul/Turkey from someone who I never met before in person, but became friends through the internet. When I learned about what she does, it didn't surprise me why she likes my nature inspired jewelry that much,because she is a nature watcher! 

               My 'stranger' & 'Nature Watcher' friend...

She purchased three of my designs from my shop and I sent those to her with the addition of a pair of butterfly earrings as a gift thinking she'd love them as well. Right after she received them letting me know how much she is enjoying wearing them all (though she had to gift one of the earrings to her friend) and bragging about her goodies at every chance, I received the books! Whenever I see this kind of 'random act of kindness' from people, I feel like my heart is full of hope and that it is refreshed (as in Gibran quote). That is what keeps me going in this life like a refuel to my soul, motivates me to keep doing what I do, and also do the same to others what that has done for me. Because I know how it feels, how GOOD it feels.. 
Never be afraid of sharing!

Speaking of sharing I also like to send my thanks to 2 wonderful bloggers who has featured my designs in their lovely blogs Letha from Pursuit of Happiness (check out her amazing art here) and Magalie from Weddings & Pretty Things.

Belated 'thank you' to unofficial etsy featured sellers for doing a great inteview with me! I really enjoyed it! 

Last but not least many thanks to Sweet Jenn (my new etsy friend) for meeting me last week, I'm looking forward to hanging out with her more! Jenn's husband James also has a shop on Etsy and was recently featured in Etsy Storque article!



Forget the big picture, enjoy some small pictures instead..

       I took these little shots with my cell phone on my way to the 7-Eleven which is just around 
the corner from our apartment. Spontaneous images of things caught my eye and looked pretty (in a way), simple and plain, without sweating to have that perfect shot. I'm thinking about doing more of that, because this made me realize; it is a great way to pay attention and really 'look at' your surroundings (which are usually invisible to us because we always walk pass them with our fast steps and full minds)
also to give a little break to your hard working mind..

Hard working minds.. 
I guess sometimes we just need to stop focusing on the 'big picture' , take it down from the wall of our mind, put it away where we can't see (maybe the garage) and try to find little simple joyful snap shots from daily life to do an arrangement  to refill that empty wall.. No ambitions, no competitions allowed, 
how does it sound?

 Nothing luxurious yet very rich in a good way, kind of shabby.. made me feel like covering all the windows in my apartment with fabric.. ;)

I just love trees and love trees with flowers even more.. 

Poor dress hanger.. They made him carry things more than he can take obviously, he couldn't take it anymore becoming useless and old so he was thrown away to the street. Somebody didn't even believe that the dress hanger deserved at least to be placed in the trash can..

 I guess the reason I love bougainvilleas very much; because they remind me one of my most favorite cities in the world, and the best vacation spot; Bodrum/Turkey
click here to see some photos of Bodrum


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vote for your Etsy Prom Queen! (pssst ! vote for me!)

I just found out my Wings of Iris Necklace is in the Etsy Voter, yayy!! Please click here to go to the voting page, and select your favorite! Do you see which one I voted for? (look at the photo below) :P 


Monday, April 26, 2010

How To: T-Shirt Scarves

I found this cool video which gives clear and simple instructions on how to make T-shirt Scarves which became soo popular this year. I'm thinking about making one for myself from an old t-shirt!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trip to the Golden Hills

Out little getaway this weekend was so beautiful and refreshing!  I've been wanting to see California poppy fields for a long time! Antelope Valley is about 2 hours away from where we live, even though it wasn't going to be a long trip we decided to leave on Friday, spend the night at a hotel on our way to the fields and start our fun Saturday all fresh and as early as possible!

Although extremely noisy elevator right next to our hotel room didn't let me sleep all night, I was too excited about the next day at the poppy fields, so I didn't let that ruin my day! It was all worth it for the poppies at the end of the day, seeing the hills covered with orange poppies as far as my eyes can see; took my soul to a place where I felt all worry free and calm.

I was a little stressed out about the warning we got when we were first entering to the fields 'Watch for the rattle snakes!', so whenever I'd see a whole on the ground while walking through the fields, I'd walk faster and try to keep in mind that snakes would be more scared from us humans then we are from them for sure. So they won't jump on me for no reason. ;) 

The poppies in my country (Turkey) are very different than California poppies. Then ones grow in Turkey are red and have black seeds at the center like these click here, I personally like those more than the golden ones.:) The word for poppy flower in Turkish is 'gelincik', the word is coming from 'bride' in Turkish.

Now my next dream to hopefully come true soon is to have a trip to cotton fields! As someone who dedicated a collection of jewelry designs to cotton plants, I think I deserve that don't you think?



Friday, April 23, 2010

sneak peek at the studio

Coming soon..
Two new reconstructed vintage necklaces with pearls, chains,
chandelier crystals and taken apart old jewelry parts...
I need to take photos of them individually,
so these 'one of a kind' beauties will be
in the shop soon!



Thursday, April 22, 2010

from past, from nature, from my culture...

I'm super excited for the new additions to my all 3 collections!
This one you see above is a single earring I shared the process photos with you here previously..It is a statement piece! Can you see the flying birds on the butterfly, and trees and the blue sky on the lower background? I've created those on photoshop, transferred onto organza fabric and combined with brass components. I think it turned out dreamy!
Very soon to be listed in my store.

Another single earring, and statement piece.
This one is going to be latest addition to my cotton plants collection. I love the color tones, the feel and the texture! Hand died to golden color sari silk ribbon is braided, at the center I've placed an antique brass branch with leaves and cotton boll dangle.

Two of these gorgeous reconstructed vintage
cuff bracelets are listed in my shop already and the other one is coming soon!

Last but not least Take me to Istanbul Earrings are now in silver tone & oval shape available in the shop! You can still find the original round &antique brass version here..



Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sneak Peek at the Studio

Wanted to share what's coming to shop soon. I'm seriously in love with these vintage
jeweled cuffs, I kinda have an evil desire to keep them
all to myself.. ;)

There is more cooking in the studio, two new necklaces with vintage jewels and
more additions to the Cotton Plants Collection,
cant wait to show you..soon..



Friday, April 9, 2010

'Set' is done, it is your turn to tell the story

When I was studying Theater Set and Costume Design back in college; my favorite play or opera projects were the ones that are from the Ancient Greek mythology.. I was always amazed by the places, creatures, gods, goddesses and stories.. I think I loved the freedom of 'flying as much as I could' part as far as the design & creativity.. It was a lot more fun than working on a let's say Chekhov play where you have all the resource under your hands about the time period, opposite to the Greek Mythology which is only limited by your imagination..

This earring I've made last night, made me think of all the above which I see skies with stars, flying birds, turquoise waters, beautiful sand, climbing vines, and butterflies in it! Oh yeah, and the column of course, everything started with that piece at the first place. When I finished the piece it just looked like a little set design where you can play your own story in it, what to tell is up to you.

Lately I've been really into large statement single earrings, yes usually 2 is better than 1 they say, but sometimes not.. I enjoy creating pieces like that which can stand on their own as a focal accessory, and tells a lot already by itself, it feels like there is no need for another one..

I took a few photos during the process of creating, which you can see above.. They are not very good looking photos because it was night and the lighting wasn't good but anyway I hope you enjoy what you see!

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