Monday, February 22, 2010

Waves...wavy...waves again..

I was going through my photos the other night, the album was from our Seattle trip last year.(Ahhh it was so beautiful I LOVED Seattle! ) At that trip, annoyingly enough (to my honey) I and my camera were the best buddies, stopping at every step and taking a million shots with my honey's lovely sound effect at the background 'grrrrrr!..'

Long story short, going through those photos I realized I had quite a few wavy shots, all from different places and all had different textures. I wonder if I'm particularly drawn to wavy things, and if there is some psychological reason behind it, hmmm? (I look for a psychological source for almost everything in my life, and often behind other people's too) .. Anyway, here I leave you with my waves from Seattle, see how they make you feel,
and let me know if you have any input!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Splurge yourself without breaking the bank! and more...

First the good news: Remember my 'wings of iris' necklace at the Handmade Olympics? Well, proud to announce that it is a silver medalist now! Many thanks to Kristal from the Rikrak Studio for hosting such a big and fun event, also to all of my super nice supporters for voting for my necklace! The support was just incredible, I was speechless seeing my family, friends and lovely fellow Etsy artists helping me spread the word like it was their own event! THANK YOU thank you and thank you! :)

I went ahead and selected my favorite items from the amazing Etsy sellers' shops, who helped me on my little journey. These are very few of them, but I wish I could have them all here! I especially wanted to choose from their very cool but affordable items for you to 'splurge yourself without breaking the bank' (or a loved one, or me for example!)

-How adorable is that cupcake hairclip? I had to heart it for my niece to be born soon!
From chomelchomel $6

-I think that eco-friendly Kids Journal is a great gift option for the little ones to keep them busy while discovering their artistic skills! From Nicopapergoods $21

-You can surprise a friend or your honey with their favorite chocolates and this cute kisses heart pick , it will brighten their day instantly! From Brownsco $12

-As a big fan of hair accessories, these jade and marcasite vintage style hair pins are must have to add some jewel sparkle to any style of hair! From littlewhitechapel $14

-I'm in love with everything in orlydesign shop! Look at these love birds,how adorable? She will even customize them for you with your initials! Perfect gift idea for many occasions! $45

-Boats of Vietnam from dmahlow . I found this artist's technique very unique, as he creates this mosaic look by cutting up the original photo piece by piece, and repositioning them!
The print is $15

- Skeptis shop has full of colorful and fun jewelry! These vintage beaded Strwaberry Shortcake Earrings are looking so sweet, makes my mouth water! $14

-Here is a great eco-friendly idea! charstreasures makes these cards with vintage doilies, how clever! $5 with free shipping, what a find!

-Don't we all love owls? These tile coasters from lterrill9 will add color and fun to any room!
$17 for a set of four.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fluttery Breath of Life this is!

As I work more on my organza butterflies/wings collection, even more unique designs are coming up right after another. I fall in love with each one of them.

Especially this new amazing necklace makes me wanna get married again and wear it with a simple off white gown at a spring wedding in a whimsical theme. *sigh*

For the long single earrings I have used more insect wings this time, as I'm always fascinated with the amazing beauty on the details of those wings. Each earring features wings from 7-8 different insects from the mother earth...

Click here to see the rest of my butterflies/wings collection.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

She said YES wearing my wallpaper necklace!

It was August 2008, a sale from my etsy shop seemed pretty random to find out later that it was going to be one of my best stories to brag on my jewelry designing. Having etsy convos with the buyer lady I found out she was buying the necklace to wear at her wedding. I was thrilled of course, not just because one of my designs was going to be a part of someones very special day,but also the fact that the necklace was made out of re-cycled wallpaper! The wallpaper came from an old wallpaper samples catalog that was about to trashed by the interior design department of a college.

Since then I have been telling this nice little story to everyone with an excitement and proud, and yes bragging too! Then a few days ago (after about 1.5 years) I got a message from the very bride asking me if I was interested in seeing the wedding photos and her wearing the necklace with her gown! What can I say? I had to say 'of course!' (meaning 'hell YEAH!! and you are asking?) :P

Today, she sent me the photos and I almost fell out of my chair! After getting the permission from her, I couldn't wait to share the photos and the story here!

THANK YOU Stacey, this was one of the best gifts I've ever received! I wish you all the beautiful things from life..


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I need your Votes!!

Here is lovely reason to break the ice and update my neglected blog! ;)

My beautiful and unique 'Wings of Iris' necklace is chosen to compete at Handmade Olympics, out of hundreds of items submitted!! Who is going to decide which lovely item wins? YOU! So, please check out this page and vote for my necklace if you believe that 'Wings of Iris' should be the winner!

It is at the second place now, will you take it to the first place?

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