Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Please join the poll and help me out!!

OK, this is a question I've been wondering about for a while, so I wanted to create a poll to hopefully see what most of you think!

As some of you know my butterfly earrings are listed in my etsy shop in a way that you can choose the color scheme, ear wire styles, butterflies etc. to create your own unique pair. Here is the listing if you like to take a peak; click click I'm aware this may not be the most convenient way for some of my customers as some people prefer to just click and buy without the hassle of thinking about which ones to choose, what colors etc.

So my questions is; what do you prefer? Take the time and create your own pair, or choose from the ready made ones listed as all you need to do is click to buy the one pictured and you are good to go! ?

I really appreciate everyone for participating, as I'm willing to do some changes in my shop depending on how this poll will end! :)



Saturday, July 10, 2010

12:49am Friday, A quick post to show this to you!

{Such a bad blogger I am I know I know..But to be honest I've been super busy, my shop was on fire for the last couple of weeks or so (no complains there!) I will come back again very soon to show you all the new super unique creations I've been working on, you can click here to see take a look at my new things (most of them are listed in my shop too)! I'm literally seeing butterflies flying around my head like in the cartoon movies but not birds; butterflies! lol }

will be back soon...




Thursday, June 24, 2010

Style & Inspiration Boards Time! {and exciting new gorgeousness-esss}

I know I've been absent lately and I feel bad for neglecting my little blog here, but it was for good! I'm just a little swamped with keeping up with my Etsy shop, custom orders, as well as preparing for 2 upcoming shows and some surprise projects going on. I actually can't wait to tell you about the surprise project and the story behind it because it was one of those magical things for me which made my jaw drop literally, anyway more on that later I promise! 

I have some super new designs to show you. Also new style boards I put together for some ideas on how to create different looks with my 'Fluttery Breath of Life Necklace' and one extra bonus look with  the little Take me to Istanbul Earrings! I hope you enjoy them, don't forget to comment and let me know which look is your favorite one!
Last but now least; if you are in the area; come and visit me at Patchwork Indie &Craft Show at Long Beach this Sunday! Yes, I will be showing/selling my designs there and I'd love to meet you in person. ;) I'll be at booth #61.

Let's start with the new designs, ohh how much I luuuve them and super excited too! ;)

 You know I've been creating my butterfly pieces with organza fabric so far? Now silk too! I just love how  silk gives such vibrant colors. I'm still loving my see through organza butterflies, how they take each other's colors and patterns when I cluster them, like watercolor painting. Both have different look and feel to them.

These below are the long/large single earrings I created them mainly with silk but some mixed with organza butterflies. I've done some photoshop magic on some of them. You can see some wings have a scene of nature (blue sky, trees and flying birds) within the silhouette of a butterfly. I think that adds a great interest to the design. I've also used gold framed acrylic spacers in different colors on these ones, they are very charming!

click here to go to the listing to see more of these pretties.

Meanwhile I also worked on my original organza butterfly earrings, the listing for them in my shop needed an update since I improved them a lot by time, also to be able to give more choices to my customers. Lots of more choices here

This necklace is a custom design I made for a client. I created it with the colors she preferred and in longer length of chain due to her request. It is a smaller version of my 'Fluttery Breath of Life' necklace.

This necklace below is created with the combination of silk and organza butterflies, I've also used hand died silk ribbon instead of chain which will be tied around the neck to desired length. Available in my shop now!

Here comes of of my most favorite butterfly creations so far; Fluttery Butterflies wide Cuff Bracelet or Anklet . Again mix of organza and silk butterflies clustered on stretch nude tone material which is adjustable to fit around wrists or ankles easily; also featuring 11 unique butterfly kinds!

Aaaand the style boards! For the butterfly necklace I put together 1 casual and 1 dressy look. I'm excited to hear which one is your fave.

And here is the bonus one; Traveling to Istanbul.. Turkish Tile earrings are available in my shop!

I hope you enjoyed everything you saw in this post, I'm so happy my creative mojo is back lately and only I wish I could make everything happen floating in my mind impatient to come out! :)



Sunday, June 6, 2010

Amazing Wrapped Trees

I was just going through my bookmarks (overflowing! Yeah I'm messy there too) and couldn't pass this one without sharing with you, because they are so inspirational so is the story of the artists; Christo and Jeanne-Claude are a married couple who created art together for 51 years! They met in Paris, France in 1958, sharing the same date of birth. Jeanne-Claude passed away in 2009.

Here is their statement for Wrapped Trees; "The temporality of a work of art creates a feeling of fragility, vulnerability and an urgency to be seen, as well as a presence of the missing, because we know it will be gone tomorrow.

The quality of love and tenderness that human beings have towards what will not last - for instance the love and tenderness we have for childhood and our lives - is a quality we want to give to our work as an additional aesthetic quality." 
(isn't that just beautiful?)


Wrapped trees by Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Foundation Beyler, Berower Park, Riehen /Switzerland (1997-98)

Breathtaking, aren't they?

All the images and information are taken from their website! I reccomend you to check out their FAQ and About pages too if you like to know more about the artists and their artwork, also to get answers to why/how they do that +more questions.

{I hope you are having a nice weekend! My Saturday was fun but a little sad-emotional at some parts. I'm looking forward to Sunday to go to Santa Ana Patchwork craft show. I'm visiting this one, but I will be vending at the Long Beach Patchwork at 27th, will let you know about the details later!}



Thursday, June 3, 2010

Where are you fairies?

I'm missing my creative fairies today.. 

My mind is at somewhere peaceful by the sea, a quite little beach, a cold drink in one hand and a good book in the other, I'm under a big colorful umbrella, sun is warming (not too hot) but there is a little soft breeze too bringing the calming smell of sea salt and sea weed mixture I'm breathing in.. Sigh..

What is in your mind today?


This paper cut doesn't hurt!

I've been wanting to tell you about Elsa Mora here for a while because 1. Her work inspires me so much  2. Her work is worth being seen (trust me!) 3. I just admire her; she is one of the people I feel so connected even though I never met her in person, but I know in my heart that I'd love her if I did.
Elsa is a multimedia artist, she makes art dolls, she cuts paper the way no one does, she paints/ illustrates, she does ceramics, sews, writes four blogs including a personal style one and she is a mom of 3 children! Oh, not to forget she has a book too 'Blossom Buddies'!

If I could I'd put all the images of her art here but I tried to gather the ones I admire the most. Enjoy!

Don't you just feel like looking at these not to miss all the beautiful interesting details?

This is one of her dolls, Elsa makes everything with her hands from the tiny pencils to intricate miniature wall hangings.

Examples of her sculptural work

Elsa's ceramic work collection, I love all the organic details!

Elsa made this dress herself entirely! If I saw this dress in a store, I'd buy it in a heart beat. She says; "I made this dress dedicated to my Grandma Maria Julia. I named it "El Jardin de Maria Julia" which means Maria Julia's Garden."
To read more on the story of this dress click here

If you like to discover more about Elsa check out her; Etsy store Elsita, see more of her work in flickr, main blog, Papercutting blog, Art doll blog and personal style blog.


P.S. Thank you THANK YOU so much for all your sweet comments on my style boards and liking them! I really enjoyed seeing everyone's responses! More of those coming soon.. :D


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So Which one of these Styles are more YOU?

I recently got the news about one of my metal mesh vintage reconstructed necklaces will be in a great magazine very soon! (more details coming, once the issue is out!) So I'm working on more  necklaces in the same theme with metal mesh material to have more unique choices in my shop. This one  came out from the studio first, it is all vintage materials/jewels re-purposed to create this piece.

I listed this gorgeous necklace in my shop, click here to read more details and to see more photos!

I know that not all of us are style gurus or fashionistas and sometimes when we find an accessory we love that may bring the question: How the H I can wear this with? So I decided to start making style boards with  my jewelry designs to bring some ideas on minds about how to wear them.

Here comes the first look! The outfit is simple and plain with jeans, a white tank top and classic blazer jacket, but the outfit gets exciting with the fabulous emerald green high heels and the necklace. Maybe a going out at night look, but easily convertible to a day look if you change the shoes to low heels or flats!

And the second look I put together is more of a day look with a simple white summer dress, and the I wanted the metal studded look continue so I chose the jean vest and the shoes in that style! (I love that Vivienne Westwood purse by the way, isn't it so pretty?) The green on the necklace continues on the purse..

I hope these ideas inspires you! Comment on this post and let me know which look suits your style more! Would you like the idea of seeing more style boards like these with my designs in them? I enjoy creating them but will do more if you enjoy them too! :)


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