Thursday, April 29, 2010

Forget the big picture, enjoy some small pictures instead..

       I took these little shots with my cell phone on my way to the 7-Eleven which is just around 
the corner from our apartment. Spontaneous images of things caught my eye and looked pretty (in a way), simple and plain, without sweating to have that perfect shot. I'm thinking about doing more of that, because this made me realize; it is a great way to pay attention and really 'look at' your surroundings (which are usually invisible to us because we always walk pass them with our fast steps and full minds)
also to give a little break to your hard working mind..

Hard working minds.. 
I guess sometimes we just need to stop focusing on the 'big picture' , take it down from the wall of our mind, put it away where we can't see (maybe the garage) and try to find little simple joyful snap shots from daily life to do an arrangement  to refill that empty wall.. No ambitions, no competitions allowed, 
how does it sound?

 Nothing luxurious yet very rich in a good way, kind of shabby.. made me feel like covering all the windows in my apartment with fabric.. ;)

I just love trees and love trees with flowers even more.. 

Poor dress hanger.. They made him carry things more than he can take obviously, he couldn't take it anymore becoming useless and old so he was thrown away to the street. Somebody didn't even believe that the dress hanger deserved at least to be placed in the trash can..

 I guess the reason I love bougainvilleas very much; because they remind me one of my most favorite cities in the world, and the best vacation spot; Bodrum/Turkey
click here to see some photos of Bodrum



Liesl said...

Love it and bougainvilleas is my favorite flowering pretty, especially the fuchsia colored ones!

Liesl :)

elsie said...

I love how spontaneous and carefree this post is... nobody walks to 7-11 like you baby!

Derya said...

well, it is so close it'd be embarrassing to drive there! lol ok maybe nobody would know but I would.. ;)

Derya said...

Hey Liesl, yes the fuchsia ones are pretty cool! I heard bougainvilleas are pretty painful to be worked on though,not so gentle on the skin.. Sometimes beauty comes with pain, right? ;)

Adelaide said...

This post just makes me smile. Not sure why, but it does. Thanks :)

Derya said...

Adelaide, your comment made me smile too, thank you! ;)

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