Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vote for your Etsy Prom Queen! (pssst ! vote for me!)

I just found out my Wings of Iris Necklace is in the Etsy Voter, yayy!! Please click here to go to the voting page, and select your favorite! Do you see which one I voted for? (look at the photo below) :P 



G. said...

(Dashes off to the Etsy voter to give you a vote).

Liesl said...

I just voted for you, Derya...good luck! :)

Liesl :)

Derya said...

Thank you sweet ladies! ;)

Megan Lee said...

Hi. How are you?
I came across your homepage.
It is very nice. Can you please tell me how you design it with pictures?


May God bless you.

Megan Lee
email: meganleewc@hotmail.com

Derya said...

Hi Megan! Yes, I use images of real bug wings and transfer them onto fabric.

Thank you!

Nancy said...

Derya – hello! It's Nancy your friend from whites&reds blog. I recently saw this new company – brainchild of anthropologie – it is your cotton plants jewelry! Are you creating for this store?


Derya said...

Hi Nancy, nice to hear from you! Yes I create for Terrain, they carry 3 of my designs now but there are more coming hopefully soon. ;)

Nancy said...


I am not surprised to see your work picked up by boutiques and companies…your creativity and promotion/marketing/business skills consistently amaze me. I would love to read what types of things you do/have done to call attention to and promote your amazing work, and what other businesses have begun to carry your items! Truly you are such an inspiration to me!

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