Friday, April 23, 2010

sneak peek at the studio

Coming soon..
Two new reconstructed vintage necklaces with pearls, chains,
chandelier crystals and taken apart old jewelry parts...
I need to take photos of them individually,
so these 'one of a kind' beauties will be
in the shop soon!




Supershopper said...

What a lovely necklace!!


LittleRachael said...

Oh my god, I HAVE to have one of those. The short one is beeaaautiful. You amaze me! <3


Lancehibner said...

Very cute necklace.. Vintage Necklaces come in different styles and lengths that can change the look of outfit.. I like vintage jewelry..

Glass Of Venice

Derya said...

Thank you lancehibner, what you said it very true! Because of their unique features they are timeless, also great to accessorize outfits all year long! ;)

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