Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mystery mail from a stranger..

“In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. 
For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.” 
Kahlil Gibran  

What is so good about 'sharing' anyway?  First of all; it makes you feel good, right? Then it is free, yet you always get a good return for it (aka karma). The power of sharing just overwhelms me when
I think about it because most importantly 'sharing' gets bigger as you keep doing it.

I feel like there are a lot of sharing going on in my life nowadays. The one that made me extremely happy is the surprise gift of 2 books (of a Turkish Writer) mailed to me the other day (signed by the author and with a sweet note from the sender). All the way from my home city Istanbul/Turkey from someone who I never met before in person, but became friends through the internet. When I learned about what she does, it didn't surprise me why she likes my nature inspired jewelry that much,because she is a nature watcher! 

               My 'stranger' & 'Nature Watcher' friend...

She purchased three of my designs from my shop and I sent those to her with the addition of a pair of butterfly earrings as a gift thinking she'd love them as well. Right after she received them letting me know how much she is enjoying wearing them all (though she had to gift one of the earrings to her friend) and bragging about her goodies at every chance, I received the books! Whenever I see this kind of 'random act of kindness' from people, I feel like my heart is full of hope and that it is refreshed (as in Gibran quote). That is what keeps me going in this life like a refuel to my soul, motivates me to keep doing what I do, and also do the same to others what that has done for me. Because I know how it feels, how GOOD it feels.. 
Never be afraid of sharing!

Speaking of sharing I also like to send my thanks to 2 wonderful bloggers who has featured my designs in their lovely blogs Letha from Pursuit of Happiness (check out her amazing art here) and Magalie from Weddings & Pretty Things.

Belated 'thank you' to unofficial etsy featured sellers for doing a great inteview with me! I really enjoyed it! 

Last but not least many thanks to Sweet Jenn (my new etsy friend) for meeting me last week, I'm looking forward to hanging out with her more! Jenn's husband James also has a shop on Etsy and was recently featured in Etsy Storque article!



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