Friday, June 27, 2008


I've been wanting to start a blog for a while now, and here I am. Welcome to me and welcome to you! ;)

What you will find in my little corner here is simply some mirroring from my life; ongoing projects as a jewelry artist (or on my other medium art works), my inspiration elements, daily dreams or quotes, books that I like, a trip to somewhere etc.

Shortly about me; I'm a 27 year old Turkish girl, originally from the beautiful city of Istanbul/Turkey (Yes, the old Constantinople, as in the song!), who currently lives in CA, has studied fashion in high school, set and costume design in College, and 2 years of interior design school (not finished, man those general ed classes!). I always have a huge passion of learning different kind of artistic mediums/techniques, so I kind of have issues with focusing on just one thing! Jewelry designing takes most of my time though...

English is my second language, so I must warn you; you may see some errors on my writing here! This reminds me a little funny thing I experienced in the past; when I was listing some of my jewelry designs on the net, I was referring to some of them as 'This necklace would look great if worn with a night gown!' . I did that a lot until I got a comment from a very nice lady who viewed my listing and told me that I must have meant 'evening gown' not 'night gown' (like we wear to go to bed)! Haha! I was of course embarrassed but very appreciative. :)

I think this is enough for an entrance, you will get to know me better by time as my posts build up! I hope you enjoy reading about me, my life and interests. I always love comments, and interacting with different personalities, so you are always welcome to pop in and drop a 'hello' to me! :)

P.S. The photos are from my city Istanbul, taken on my last trip (April/May 2008).


T.Allen said...

Beautiful photos, welcome to blogging-no worries about your english this is your story, tell it as you wish and have fun.

Rosebud Collection said...

What beautiful pictures..One of my daughters went to college with a girl from Cyprus..She visited there for 6 weeks..on the Turkish side.
Beautiful country..

Derya said...

rosebud, Turkey is one of the hidden treasuries in the world (not saying that because I'm from there)...I'm glad your daughter had a chance to experience it... ;)

Derya said...

t.allen, thank you! ;)

No worries on English as you said, because I realize that it makes some people smile due to some funny things coming out of my mouth! :P (well, keyboard in this case!) and I like to see people smiling!

Have a wonderful day!

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