Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My latest shopping spree & what's up with me lately!

Bloom in Black Headband is from ChristineCecelia
(sorry for the bad photo, it was taken by a phone!)

Time is passing by so fast, it is crazy! I've been preparing mentally and shoppingly (I just created a new word as I often do!) for the last few weeks for my trip to Turkey! As some of you know I'm originally from the beautiful city of Istanbul in Turkey, and my whole family lives there, so I go and visit them about once a year. Now, that 'once a year' time has come again, but with a little extra reason for me as a 'have to go' this time, which I don't complain of course.. My brother is getting married, yayy! So, most of my shopping was about the very important part about his wedding; 'what am I going to wear??'..

Thankfully with the help of my friend/fellow jewelry designer/stand by mama (a hot one)/personal therapist/shopping buddy/personal stylist Elsie, it was a fun and a little exhausting but with a happy ending experience! The exhausting part was because -from my understanding-; most of the designers of evening dresses have the mentality/assumption of a woman who is going to wear those dresses would want to reveal their boobies! So most of the dresses I tried and actually really liked was too low cut, after tens of trying, I found myself thinking about getting one of those and add a lace or something to cover the 'decolletage' area, out of desperation! Finally and thankfully I found a very nice and sophisticated dress that fit me well and didn't need curtains for the window! *wink wink*

Along the way, since I was already in the shopping mood and my antennas were working perfectly for spotting potential items to purchase, I got a few extra pretties not related to the wedding at all! ;) It wasn't limited just with the local stores, Etsy had it's role too of course in this spree!

I'm leaving this Sunday by the way, and I'll be in Turkey for 7 weeks!! The idea of leaving my honey behind all that time hurts, I already miss him, so this week is going very emotional for me, spiced up with tears and all, mostly sudden or when watching a love scene on the T.V. or even simple commercials.. :/ Then I comfort myself by reminding all the bead shopping I will do at my favorite places in Istanbul, all the partying with friends I'll have, and the wedding of course! So, I wipe my tears off with the back of my hand and get calm.. I know I'm mean like that sometimes! :P

Back to the FUN subject; shopping.. Besides my new favorite headband that you see at the top of this post, I have some other goodies to share with you;

This is my latest #1 skincare product; Rose water cleanser by UnicosCauldron . I have been looking for a all natural cleanser for my face with rose water for a while, and I came accross her shop on Etsy. I ordered and tried the sample size first, and loved it! Especially the fact that it is not only a cleanser but it is a moistruzer as well. The humactant ingredient in it pulls the moistrure from the air and locks it on your skin. I reccomend it if you have dry skin, or combination skin like me!

And these are my favorite new sandals I fell in love at first site at Nordstrom while shopping for my dress! I got the black one!

Aaaand these are my HIGHs from Forever 21, YES I can walk in them but not too long! :P

Much love!!



elsie said...

lovely recap honey bunny!! miss you already...

Meltem said...

Congrats your brother! Great headband ! I would love to meet with you when you will come to Istanbul!

Liz said...

those heels are to die for. have a great time in turkey! ♥

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