Friday, October 23, 2009

I've been having fun with these..

I've been enjoying Photoshop Elements while practicing and discovering it's possibilities. If you are a hobbiest of photography like me, I really recommend that you try that program. I preferred elements because I didn't have any experience with photoshop before, and the price was a lot more affordable for me to just to test the waters first, instead of moving directly to the big thing!

I have a sony cyber shot camera that is fairly small and very light, which I always carry with me when I'm out.. That way, when I see something interests me, I just take advantage of it, and use them later to practice the program..

The photos above are all created that way! The first one is the gorgeous pink tree I ran into on my way to the studio. The watermelon girl is a shot I was lucky to catch in my trip to Seattle, and the last one is from Gypsy Den Cafe where I always go to get coffee while working in my studio at artist village. I'm just loving the results so far, and I ordered some prints of them from an online company, I can't wait them to arrive!!

I will update you on those later! ;)


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