Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fluttery Breath of Life this is!

As I work more on my organza butterflies/wings collection, even more unique designs are coming up right after another. I fall in love with each one of them.

Especially this new amazing necklace makes me wanna get married again and wear it with a simple off white gown at a spring wedding in a whimsical theme. *sigh*

For the long single earrings I have used more insect wings this time, as I'm always fascinated with the amazing beauty on the details of those wings. Each earring features wings from 7-8 different insects from the mother earth...

Click here to see the rest of my butterflies/wings collection.



Melissa said...

Everything you do is so incredibly beautiful! I'm so proud of you for your hard work and these gorgeous pieces that are sure to make interesting people happy.

While I was dress shopping, they kept bringing me these overly beaded/embellished dresses and I kept thinking, "I can't wear THIS to my would I accessorize!?!" I'm so happy that I ended up with a simple gown because I want to be wearing some kind of Jewelera original to spice it all up! Prob not butterflies for me (even though these are gorgeous), but I'm excited to figure it out.

Derya said...

Awww Mel,you always have the nicest words for me! Congrats on finding your dress, I can't wait to see it!! I'm always ready to be your proud bridal jewelry designer. Muah!!

elsie said...

your butterfly creations continue to get more gorgeous with each incarnation - that necklace is STUNNING I adore it!!

Kelley said...

Your photography is so dreamy and airy, it really highlights your work well. I love your organza insect wings a lot!

Unknown said...

This is a wonderful collection!! Beautiful beyond words!! :)

Unknown said...

Stunningly beautiful, I was worried that my new piece was going to be too big, now I can se that size doesn't matter

Derya said...

Thank you everyone! :)

Vintage beadery, don't hesitate to go bold and big with your designs! I can't wait to see your new necklace, please let me know about it when it is finished!

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