Friday, April 9, 2010

'Set' is done, it is your turn to tell the story

When I was studying Theater Set and Costume Design back in college; my favorite play or opera projects were the ones that are from the Ancient Greek mythology.. I was always amazed by the places, creatures, gods, goddesses and stories.. I think I loved the freedom of 'flying as much as I could' part as far as the design & creativity.. It was a lot more fun than working on a let's say Chekhov play where you have all the resource under your hands about the time period, opposite to the Greek Mythology which is only limited by your imagination..

This earring I've made last night, made me think of all the above which I see skies with stars, flying birds, turquoise waters, beautiful sand, climbing vines, and butterflies in it! Oh yeah, and the column of course, everything started with that piece at the first place. When I finished the piece it just looked like a little set design where you can play your own story in it, what to tell is up to you.

Lately I've been really into large statement single earrings, yes usually 2 is better than 1 they say, but sometimes not.. I enjoy creating pieces like that which can stand on their own as a focal accessory, and tells a lot already by itself, it feels like there is no need for another one..

I took a few photos during the process of creating, which you can see above.. They are not very good looking photos because it was night and the lighting wasn't good but anyway I hope you enjoy what you see!



Zemphira ~ Scatter Art. said...

Your earring is lovely.
I also really like your Turkey - tile earrings. Beautiful work.

elsie said...

Those are truly STUNNING!! I can't wait to see them in person! you amaze me my friend...

Derya said...

Thank you girlies! ;)

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