Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Experiment with your Art

I'm always constantly looking for new interesting/unexpected metarials to use in my designs to make them even more unique. So far fabric, paper, paint, industrial felt, silk rods etc. were in the details of my jewelry work. My last favorite one is 'fused plastic'. I did some other form of art pieces with this technique, but didn't really use it in my jewelry designs. I usually play with the plastic shopping bags, because they are the most available ones in my home, and they are free and they are so ugly begging me to change them! ;)

Somehow, I just really like how plastic becomes something else, totally different, all deformed and ruffly... As you heat it, it also hardens when it cools, so it is durable too, and waterproof! My new necklace and brooch came out after that fun experiment; eco friendly, up-cycled, green, sophisticated, and elegant pieces made out of trash... :P

If you have art pieces that are made out of up-cycled or any different unexpected metarials, please put a link to the comments, I'd love to see them!



Karen said...

Is that what that brown part is---plastic? That turned out beautifully! Love your stuff and great photography.

Derya said...

Yes Karen, the whole flower is made from plastic bags! ;) Thank you for your compliments, I'm very flattered!..

Rascallion said...

What a great post, love the experiments. I think they turned out lovely. Very cool.

kim* said...

i do love your style of upcycleing. it is very classy...mine is very whimsy kiddish.

i use bottle caps and paint on them

Derya said...

Thank you rascallion, I'm so glad to get such positive responses about my experiment! ;)

Derya said...

wee, I'm glad you like them! I'm off to check your whimsy kiddish ones now! :P

Tadakatsu said...

I love it! That's a great way to re-use plastic bags!

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