Friday, July 4, 2008


I was desperately in need of organizing my studio, so I've spent quite a while to do that for the last few days... If you are an artist/crafter, you know how it is once everything gets out of hand, and you know then it is time for you to tidy up a little(!), when you start spending long time finding what you are looking for! Especially if you are a jewelry maker like me, ooh my! All those tiny little beads,findings,headpins etc., you spend hours to put everything in the right place, but the room still look messy if you still have more things around!

This time, I also wanted to change the look of my design place to make it more inviting and inspiring... Most of the craft supplies are already fun looking, colorful, and decorative naturally. So, I tried to put together my stuff in a way that they'd look more presentable. I put up some photos together, so they'll tell you better than me...

If you are a crafter and reading this, also have a messy corner to create your pretty stuff; go there and start organizing now, little by little or all in once till morning! You won't regret it, trust me! ;)

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