Thursday, August 7, 2008

Experience with your art Part-3

Yep, I've been in my alchemy lab/studio working hard to make more special unique pieces. If you enjoyed the part-1 and part-2, I hope you'll enjoy this one too...

Well, I think coming from textiles related background (fashion, costume design, and interior design), I love textiles, fibers, textures etc. And, I see jewelry as a wearable art, so it gives me tons of opportunities to coordinate any material I want in the world to my art. The possibilities are endless, as I always say 'You just need to know how to look and see!'.

I remember my mom painting beautiful floral designs on silk when I was growing up. She'd make table clothes and other decorative items with them. Our whole house was filled with her creations of different mediums, she was one creative lady and still is! This means, not only look around but stick to your memories! Memories will also be a great inspiration for you.

Recently featured seller at Etsy Woodmouse quoted 'My wooden toys and figures are basically my childhood drawings turned into wood. I think of an animal or object and try to remember how I would have drawn it as a child and use that as a starting point.' in her interview. (inspiration 1: childhood memories)

So, I had some cotton fabric in hand and a few fabric paints in basic colors to create my master piece (:P), and started playing with them. I'd see some jewelry artists on Etsy making beads out of fabric, and I thought 'why make fabric covered charms?'. That's how everything started. (inspiration 2: other artists work)

I had some metal coin charms in my stash, I've covered them with the fabric on both sides, and painted little flowers on them. They needed a more finished look, but I didn't have any metal settings to cover the back and the edges. So I've created my own setting by opening the leaves of the vintage bead cap and attaching it to the charms. I think it took the charm to a different level, I like the look. (Tip: As in this example, try to think ahead with the materials, a bead cap doesn't have to serve only as a bead cap)

I finished the design by attaching the charms to vintage leafy connectors and voila! One pair is listed in my shop, and the other pair will be soon! The are both one of a kind earrings.


PLEASE NOTE: I only like to explain my creative process on my blog to inspire other artists. They are not instructions for people to make their own and sell them. All rights reserved to the artist Derya Aksoy (which is me). Thank you!


Victoria Ann said...

Your jewelry is truly beautiful, love your blog , going to add it to my list:)


madboodesigns x

Derya said...

victoria, I really appreciate your compliments! :)

Unknown said...

I absolutely love them! I've been connecting to my childhood inspiration from Hungarian folk art lately. It's so wonderful to reconnect with your earliest passions and creative interests.

pamela michelle said...

I love seeing all the work that goes into making a handmade piece of awesomeness! Well done :) They're beautiful.

Derya said...

I'm so glad you guys enjoyed reading my post, thank you so much for you nice comments!

Jessica, sometimes we don't realize how much of an affect our childhood memories have in our lives and our art in this case.I'll be checking out your blog to see your art! :)

Pamela, I always enjoy too seeing the process of art/craft of other artists. Some behind the scenes action! :) I think that way we appreciate the details more, and all the work involved!

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