Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm back...

Hello HELLO to everyone who has been waiting for me to post for about 2 months (hi Elsie), and thanks to the ones who's been constantly-shamelessly kicking me to do it (hi again Elsie!)..

Sorry I've been neglecting my little sweet corner here for no good reason, but just being me on the "downy :s-worn out-not wanting to do anything for a while except hiding under the blanket" mood a little ( tiny bit really!).. Let's get real here, don't you ever have a time frame in your life like that?? And it doesn't have to have a big particular reason you know, it just happens! I hope you don't, but if you ever do; remember that you are not alone and it won't last forever, and loving honest friends come very handy too !! (Feel free to contact me if you feel like chatting with someone about it, only 3 bucks a minute! (*just being silly about the last part*) =D

Anyway.. Although I've been trying my best to stay under the blanket all that time, somehow I still managed to get some stuff done on the rocky road; like finding an awesome little studio space (yayy) , moving my artsy mess there, and shopping for new metalsmithing tools (yayy, more toys!). Also, I managed to go to Hawaii for week of vacation , AND having a trip to Appleton/WI for 4-5 days to see my oldy but goody friends there! That last trip was actually the one which pumped my motivation and brought my 'happy happy joy joy' side back to me, because of the precious therapeutic times I got to spend with my friends! Let's see... Am I forgeting anything between? Umm.. If I remember more, I'll add later! ;)

Sooooo....... That's the story.. Hopefully from now on, I'll get back on track and try to post more.. I will update you with the photos of my studio soon!


P.S. The photo was taken by me in Kohler/WI, the city I've visited the very first time during my last Wisconsin trip. My friend Amber took me there and she is the one in the photo looking up to the beautiful umbreallas! I'll post about Amber and our friendship in the near future..


elsie said...

Welcome back my lovely!! I can't wait to see what you post for your 7 things I love!!

Meltem said...

Welcome back Derya! I missed to you and your lovely work! I'm waiting to see your new work space impatiently!
Beautiful photo also!

Melissa said...

Hooray! I've been missing you!!!

Derya said...

Yayy, thanks for the support girls!! =D

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