Monday, March 30, 2009

My studio!

Life is a funny thang.. ;)

One day a couple of months ago, we were sitting at one of the window tables of Gypsy Den Cafe in downtown Santa Ana with my husband, drinking coffee.. As I look out the window towards one of the Santora Building's windows with the most beautiful architectural details, I told him; 'I wish I had a studio space there.'... He offered me to check the building for available spaces and I told him that even if there was any, rent would be too much for me to afford..

Anyway, we still went there after finishing our coffees, to look around a little bit, and saw an empty space available. He was calling the number on the window to ask about the rent etc., I looked around and saw an artist working on a reproduction of a Rembrandt painting at the back part of a store, behind some vintage clothing and accessory displays..

My husband couldn't reach the person on the phone, so I decided to talk to that artist to see if I could get any info about the space. Long story short, the artist guy (named Moises) tells me that it'd be great if I would be interested in moving in with them to share their space! I go yayy, and now I'm there! ;)

This is my studio on the left corner, on the right side where Moises paints,
and the front on the store has really cool vintage clothing and accessories
handpicked by Gretel..

Inside of the Santora Building, I'm on the second floor! The building
was built in 1929 in Spanish Colonial Revival Style..

The painting on the left is by Moises Camacho, and on the right is
a work of Joseph Hawa (another artist I share the building with)

There are many many other artist's studios and galleries in the Santora Building/ Artist Village. Every first Saturday of the month those studios and galleries open to the public, so you can come in and get inspired maybe purchase something you fall in love it by also supporting the local artists.

I'd also love it if you can stop by to meet me in person there, anytime! Just let me know beforehand so I make sure that I'm there when you come in! :)

Santora Arts Building

207 North Broadway
Santa Ana, CA 92701


Kim Caro said...

neat! i live in garden grove.

Liz said...

thats so cool! hope you enjoy

♥ liz ♥

elsie said...

your studio is the most amazing space in the most amazing building in town, it is PERFECT for you!

just in case I'd never told you before I'm thrilled for you! You're studio is so awesome!!

Saija said...

Congrats on your new studio Derya! That's fabulous! I bet you are excited to have your own place!


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