Saturday, November 15, 2008

Class Time!

For the last project (after the brooch project I posted about earlier), we need to make a necklace with repetitive images. These are the pieces I'm working on..

This is my sanctuary ! My metalsmithing classroom, it is where I forget about everything and just focus on my metal. I'm so sad the class is ending soon, but no way I'm leaving my metals.. Do you see the roller on right bottom corner? I'm having an affair with that thing! ;)

My sweet friend Kathrine loves robots, so she made a cute little robot brooch in the class! (The lockers' color was matching perfectly with her work apron, that's why I wanted to put two photo together!)

This is a brooch made by one of my classmates a lovely lady, I had to take a photo of it, because I think she did an amazing job with the texture on the fishes and the colors with the heat treatment!

And the fires today.. I'm in Orange and that's how the sky looked when I came back from the class today. My heart goes to all those people who lost their homes to the crazy fires. Sad sad..


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