Monday, November 3, 2008


I always have a hard time finding a good opening sentence when I'm writing a new post, struggling between if I should directly get into the subject or say hello first? Anyway, I think I just wrote that opening sentence, so I can get to the subject now.. Wheew!.. ;)

I had a fun and relaxing Sunday. I wasn't feeling like going out due to my aching back and upper arms because of the long metalsmithing class the day before, but I literally forced myself to have a shower and dress up, then let my honey take me out somewhere.. We didn't have much of a plan, but decided to just go to Newport Beach first and drive from there by the ocean towards south, and stop and walk if we see somewhere grabs our interest. Our first stop was a neighborhood by the water in Newport Beach . We sneaked into a gated community to be amazed by the beauty of the houses with fronts literally on the water, some had private beaches. It was so quite and there wasn't even one person on the street. We both felt like we were in a movie set. I wanted to take a few photos but then I imagined some rich person's bodyguard with black suit and sunglasses attacking me and breaking my camera like they do to some paparazzi, so I decided not to.. ;)

Then we headed towards Laguna Beach, but on our way we've seen an open house sign in another nice neighborhood so we headed there, we couldn't resist the opportunity.. ;) It was a huge house built in 50's, beautiful backyard, big windows allowing the light to fill the rooms, 4 bedroom and 4 bathroom, ah we loved it! The price was almost 3 million bucks, I still got the agent's card when we were leaving just in case I win the lottery soon. Wait, I don't play lottery! :P (This last part fit perfectly to the 'daily dream' part of my blog name)

We passed through Laguna Beach, one of my favorite places in the world, and decided to go to Dana Point which we've never been before. We ended up at the Dana Wharf , which was quite nice, did a little walking around (worked those legs up), checked a few menus from different restaurants, and my husband craved for Turkish food (of course!). So we decided to go back to Laguna Beach to eat at GG's! (great Turkish/Mediterranean food, highly recommended!).

The weather was beautiful the whole day, not too hot to walk, a little cooling wind, nice.. Although it got a little chilly when the sun was going down, we still sit outside to eat!

Here comes the new week.. I don't know how time flies so quickly! I have a big list of things to do in my head but sometimes it feels like there is not enough time to do them. Organizing my studio area and the rest of the apartment (to tell you the truth) is my priority this week! Everything is out of control again, and I started not finding things easily which drives me crazy..

Oki doki , I'm off now, leaving you with some photos from Dana Point. After I came home, I made a gorgeous necklace which I had the design in my head for a while, I'll post about it very soon!

Take care,

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