Thursday, November 13, 2008

My brooch!

As promised; my firs finished piece at the metalsmithing class! This is a brooch I made from copper. It is pretty detailed, which is not surprising coming from me if you are familiar with my designs! :) The image was inspired from a painting, I played with the lady figure a little bit and change it as I wanted, I LOVE it, I hope you do too! It is kinda naughty.. :P

Now, I'm working on my next project, which is gonna be a necklace with repetitive images. I'll post it too, when it is done!



Orion Designs said...

Hard to believe that is your first metalsmithing project! It's awesome.

Derya said...

Thank you Vicki! Yes it is my first finished piece/project in the class! Until we started out brooch project, we practiced on sawing, soldering, riveting kinda techniques.. :)

Lisa R said...

What great work! I took a metal smithing class years ago and would love to get back into it someday.

(found your blog via you forum post on Etsy).

Derya said...

Thank you Lisa, I hope you get back to it if you loved it at the time! :)

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