Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Couch Potato- Busy Potato- Down Potato & a little Sweet Potato PART-1

All above is what I've been last week! Now, let's examine them throughly and truly;

1. Why I have been a Couch Potato?
Being a couch potato is actually one of the staple ones in my list! :) Right side of the large-cozy and very comfortable couch in our living room is where you can usually find me (even if I'm not there, you can tell I have been there by the look of the misshaped couch) especially at nights, TV is always off, my laptop is 'well..on my lap', pandora station is on, and I do all kinds of stuff on the internet. Blogging, reading other blogs, listing new stuff in my online shop, editing photos, updating my flickr & facebook, catching up with friends online, searching for new unique materials, getting lost from link to link in the ocean of internet, and getting lost in the magnetic nature of Etsy with all the interesting items/shops (that is a dangerous one because whenever I do that I end up spending monees!) etc. 

Soooo... long story short even though I feel like a couch potato while doing all that, I'm usually pretty productive and constantly learning new things. I guess at least that makes me feel not so guilty about the time I spend on the internet and the couch, right RIGHT?? :P

Here are some new Etsy finds I drooled over last week, which made my couch potato times more exciting!

Well it is almost summer and I need a new bathing suit. This pin-up style polka dot one from ladramaqueen makes me happy
when I imagine myself in it!! 

And this Sailor tote bag to carry everywhere all summer including the beach!
It is only $33from bayanhippo I hearted a lot of their handbags actually,
I'm sure you will too!

Funny I always wanted RED shoes and T strap shoes and both never happened! I'm dreaming a pair just like these vintage shoes from bootmeister 

They are a little small for my size but if you know any source I can find similar shoes (preferebly new) please let me know!

Last but not least I purchased these thank you cards from  BusyBree  
and these, because I think they are very cool and will look perfect
with my special packaging!

I'm leaving the other chapters of me being Busy Potato, Down Potato & a little Sweet Potato to my next posts, so come back to read those very important things if you enjoyed this one! :P

Are you a couch potato too? What is your description of being a couch potato? Leave some comments, especially silly ones! ;)




Melissa said...

I like to think that I'm a very productive couch potato. Or rather, in my case, a bed potato. My room is the only quiet place in the house usually so I hide out in there most of the time, sitting in my bed editing photos, organizing things, burning discs, sending clients emails, shopping, wedding planning, Etsy browsing...the list goes on and on and on. I'm addicted to my laptop.

P.S. Sweet potatoes are delicious. If you were any sort of potato, you would be a sweet one!

vildan said...

Really great picks!!
Thanks so much! :)

Derya said...

Melissa, I guess the true meaning of 'couch potato' term must have changed since the laptops and internet came to this world! I guess most of us are productive couch potatoes nowadays because of it! kinda funny and ironic.. ;)

P.S. I LOVE sweet potatoes too! Yummm

Mani on a Budget said...

Couch potato time is my favorite! That's when I'm done with a long day of work, the boyfriend has gone to bed, the kitties are curled up around me, and I can do all the bead shopping I want!

Ahh, those little guilty pleasures...

Stephanie said...

I'm less of a couch potato and more of a desk-potato.. i spend time online like you but my computer is at a desk.. not very comfy :(

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

once we buy a comfortable couch, i'd like to think i'd be a productive couch potato. :)
right now, i find myself more of a 'sitting at the kitchen island on a bar stool potato.' it's word-tastic! :P

ps - those red shoes are to die for!

Derya said...

kelli, I bought those red shoes today, because a friend of mine from my country saw them and begged me to buy them for her! haha They are size 6 and I'm 6.5, now I'm praying for them to not to fit me because I'd be very said to pass them to my dear friend! aaaahhh! lol

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