Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moth to Jewels!

      Lately I've been seeing butterflies everywhere even
when I close my eyes! Though that is a little overwhelming from time
to time, I'm extremely happy and excited my butterfly designs are
receiving such wonderful interest & feedback from all over! 

  One of the best parts is that I've been getting a lot of bridal
orders lately on the bfly designs, especially the large bold single
earrings which  excites me even more because as I see there are a lot of
cool ladies who are willing to go bold and non-traditional
with their bridal accessories! Isn't that great? 

Kudos to all like minded ladies out there!!

I need to take more photos of this one, then it will be available in my shop! 

Update* I couldn't wait and listed it as it is to add more photos later! ;)
click here too see!




LittleRachael said...

SO pretty!!

Little Rachael Vintage

Signe said...

Cool blog :-)

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