Saturday, May 1, 2010

Marie Antoinette & my Messy Studio

Secret is revealed! (see my previous post) Marie Antoinette brooches.
They are nothing like I've done before, my creations never looked this delicious, 
more importantly I had a lot of fun making them! What do you think?? 
They fancy your sweet tooth?

(I made the sliced cakes with felt and leather mix, and teeny beads on top. The doily pieces are hand crocheted delicate lace pieces, and vintage brass stampings)

...and my messy studio corner! That is how I usually work; just messy. You can see some ideas I'm working on currently and also new upcoming pieces *wink wink!*

Love those metal mesh fabrics!

Hair comb with organza butterflies

Peacock Earrings, transfer on organza



elsie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous and delicious! Your creativity always makes me smile my love!

Derya said...

Triple thanks my luve! Eat some cake.. ;)

BMA said...

Allah seni kahretmesin ben de pasta arıyorum blogda Marie Antoinette miş yesinler aç kalırlarsa pasta yesinler kuzum öperim gözlerinden :))) Telepati var aramızda kesin inandım ben:)

allan Gering said...

It's very stylish and different idea. I really like it.I most like peacock earrings.

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FadFestation said...

Wow, they really do look good enough to eat. Beautiful creations, I love them.

Brunch girls said...

hey! we're fashion bloggers and we love this stuff!!! hit us up with some comments and we could do a post for you or something.
the address is

Ivy Long, Edera Jewelry said...

Hi Derya!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog--glad you liked the little feature on your necklace :) Your blog is lovely. I really like the new Marie Antoinette Brooches {naturally!} and it's neat to catch a glimpse of your works in progress.
Take care,

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