Sunday, May 16, 2010

Venice Beach

                            This is me!
Hello friends! 

Saturday I went to Venice Beach for the first time. It has a definitely different atmosphere (Hey, I wrote 'definitely' without any spell errors for the first time, yayy!) from the other beaches in Southern California. I must admit I felt a little uneasy first but then I started enjoying the crowd and all the vendors selling stuff mostly looked like each other, but it was fun to find really unique things at some of the booths. 

I purchased a few things; a handmade cuff bracelet brass and has a few tiny pastel colored glass beads on it. I liked that it was roughly made and very simple. Then I found a really adorable onesie for my niece to be born soon, it is pink and has a BIG crown on the front with all rhinestones (pretty girly huh?) Then I found asymmetrical leather earrings, leather pieces are cut like leaves. We had a short chat with the sweet seller lady named Yolanda who makes them and I asked her if she sells on Etsy, and she said she was just thinking about opening a shop. We both agreed that it was a sign we did that talk and that she should do it! :)

    Overall Venice Beach has sort of cosmopolit and very colorful feel to it, 
and I mostly felt like watching around like a live performance with different characters, feeling like a tourist. The graffiti and paintings on the walls of buildings were really cool, I wanted the photograph everything, though it was cold and windy (I mean for California weather in the middle of the May) so I couldn't spend much time to photograph everything as much as I would like to! I got some quick snap shots though, I hope you like them. Even if you can't make it here, at least they will give you an idea of what 
Venice Beach look like, eh? ;)

I love this one above!
Belly Dancer. A lot different than what I used to see in my country. I liked it though!

I wowed at these sculptures, all made from hardware and different metal components. Amazing job!

I put this one the last because it looks like it doesn't belong to the same theme as others, right? Well, that is how it is though in Venice Beach, at least that is how I felt like; On one side there is this ocean front street you walk through along with the colorful crowd watching interesting scenes, sales vendors etc. then you look over to the beach (sand and water side) and there is the peace and quietness, clean and smooth nature with no drama. Maybe I felt that way because it was called so there wasn't anyone swimming or laying down on the beach, so there was no action there..




elsie said...

I LOVE Venice Beach - we haven't been in over 10 years! I can't believe it's been that long! LOVE your photo's honey! As always you capture the magic!

Melissa said...

You know, I don't think I've ever been to Venice Beach. I've lived in Southern California my whole life and it always amazes me how much I still have to explore. It's going on my list! Love the pics!

GardenPig said...

Wow...I must have gone to Venice Beach on the wrong day at the wrong time...because I totally missed all that crazy coolness you took pictures of...must go again on the right day.

Derya said...

Gardenpig, in fact I felt like I went there at the wrong time/day because it was COLD! I'm sure in a sunny summer day, there is even more going on there! I wanna go again soon. :)

suzy said...

we went to california for our honeymoon and stopped at venice beach for a bit...i just loved it.

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