Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm working in Frida's presence

   Yesterday I stopped by at Cantera in Santa Ana, the store my friend Diane has her art works besides little things she loves and hand selects for re-sale. Luckily she was there herself!! Diane is one of the biggest fans of Frida Kahlo (can you tell?) I love her style, but I love her soul more than anything about her.We like having long deep conversations about life and relationships, though we also crack up by our silly jokes a lot (ok 'my' silly jokes mostly). She calls me 'my gem friend Derya' I really like that, because she says it so genuinely from the heart. 

This small print of Frida Kahlo caught my eye on Diane's display and I couldn't resist . I didn't hang it on my studio wall yet, so for now she is leaning towards my little blue sewing machine and watching me create, also inspiring me.

Frida also watched me making these new cuffs last night..

Is this just gorgeous or not? Purple enamel large flower is re-purposed from a vintage brooch,
I've added the rhinestones around the pearl at the center of the flower. The bigger rhinestone chain is going to drape towards the hand when worn on the wrist. This bracelet is not finished yet though, I will add leather inside of the leaf cuff part.

     This cuff has a different base than the other ones I've designed.This time I curved a large intricately cut brass dragonfly wing, and did a white faux enamel on it. There is beige color recycled leather piece inside, so the cuff is also gentle on the skin. The large butterfly brooch is another vintage find, I've changed the rhinestones and added freshwater pearls on it. This cuff bracelet is almost finished, I will only add chain and clasp to the back side.I'm excited for both of these new cuffs! 


My friend Diane has a fresh new Etsy shop Mexisoul 
She just started adding some of her jewelry designs, and some vintage finds, I'm hoping she adds some of her amazing embroidered wall art works too, so you can see those as well. Go and take a look at her shop, heart her, add her items in your favorites etc. I'm sure she will enjoy all your interest!!




Olga Pavlova said...

Fabulous cuffs! Yes,Frida is always inspirational!

G. said...

The cuffs are too pretty for words, I think the butterfly one is my fave.

Some Mexican friends that came over to stay at my place brought me a rafia bag with Frida Kahlo on it. They said they thought of me when they bought it 'cause Frida was a strong and unconventional woman. That's probably one of the nicest things anyone has told me :)

Derya said...

I'd be so happy to hear such a thing too Charlotte! That is very cool your friends thought you share some common characteristics with such a woman like Frida! :)

Suz Broughton said...

I just found you through Etsy's location finder. I'm in Orange County as well.
You are amazingly talented. I'm going to share you with all of my friends!

Derya said...

Hi Suz, glad you found me! I just read your 50 random things about you, FUN!! Your 13th is exactly me and 14th cracked me up big time! :))

Anonymous said...
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elsie said...

those cuffs are to die for darling!! I love your friend she is so chic and inspirational!!

Studioayse said...

I have clicked on the 'next blog' link, and here is your lovely spot. I love the picture of your friend Diane, she looks very pretty. Beautiful jewelry and very inspirational blog made me miss Istanbul more!!

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